Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day

WEll here it is Labor day and We are sitting at home relaxing. I suppose that is a good thing since it has been raining outside for most of the day.
Lets see what has been going on in my life lately. Ohhhhhhhhh my sweet granddaughter cloe has been staying in touch on the computer" she sent me some recent pics of her and her dad. Her dad is a drummer in a band so she also sent a few of those along too. The picture is of cloe her mom and her dad".

The other picture is of a table runner I am currently working on. I shall add a picture of our son in his band but I am sure it will not be in order" I have yet to figure out how in the world to get the pictures to follow the words. It is just beyond me so bear with me"
My arm seems to be better since they gave me the steroid shot and put me on a series of steroid pills. I am hoping that is going to cure it. Or at least keep it from flaring up again. I dropped one of those huge pans almost at work" I caught it but in the meantime I managed to burn my neck with the corner of it. If its not one thing its another.
Hubby is still pulling up carpet so the new stuff hasen't been delivered yet. will be glad when that mess is out of the way. When part of the house is torn apart I wind up wanting to clean up other area's. My sewing room is the one that is bothering me the most. I have sooooooooo much stuff and sooooooo little room. What I really need to do is go through all of it and keep what I absolutely need and donate the rest to the local quilt group. Hubby promised to build me some shelves in the closet so once he does that! I am going to have to become serious about getting things organized. Can you imagine actually being able to go looking for something and find it without haveing to tear the whole room apart? I found the neatest applique method called Vicki Bellino's No -Fraying Applique tutoiral on the net the other day and while I have seen several methods of freezer paper applique this one was different then the rest. She uses one of those tiny little irons and my hubby bought me one years ago for christmas. He was soooooo proud of himself for finding it himself and I didn't have the heart to hurt his feelings but I was thinking what will I ever use it for. wellllllllll let me tell you it has been tucked away inside a little pocket pouch on my ironing board all these years and nowwwwwwwwwww when I actually had a use for it" Do you think I could finddddddd it! noooooooooo I had moved it in one of my rare moments . I apprently thought I had a better place for it. welllllllll I tore the room apart for the better part of two days and when I finally found it " I could have kicked myself! What it boils down tooooooooo is I need some organizationnnn around here.
With that in mind I went to michaels the other day " They have me addicted because of their coupons they knowwwwwwwwwww that I will return to buy even more stuff that I probably don't need. I purchased a huge plastic beach bag to keep all my little gifts inside of. I have been involved with the secret pal program each year at work and each month or more we suprise our secret pals with little gifts. Anyway this seems to be working to keep everything in one place. Then I went to a store we have around here called ollies and found the neatest organizer book. It has a place for addresses , telephone numbers, birthdays, and even little places to store your cards. finally a place to keep them alllllllll together. now if I could just figure out how to apply all of this organization to my sewing room I would be a very happy camper. Maybe by the time I come back" some of it will be done. take care