Sunday, April 26, 2009


Well you can tell its april around here" all the plants are comming to life and yestarday we had 92 degrees. There are only two drawbacks about living in N.C. one is that when it gets hot! It gets hot! Now thats not that bad because when I visited my daughter in Spokane last summer it was just as hot there as it was here . but the thing I hate the most are the bugs! I'm not talking about the creepy crawling types of bugs I am referring to the darn flyinggggggg bugs! The ones that bite! misquitoes and flys and the darn nats that are up close and in your face. It makes it absolutely miserible to be outside. Luckily they are not out there all summer long but enough to make you wish they weren't. They also have some nasty little things call chiggers here. The best I can gather is that they are some form of a sand flea" I say gather because you can't see the little buggers you just know there theyve been there later when your ankles and feet start itching.
Now for the good things. It is beautifull and soooooooooo green here that I love looking out into the yard from my windows. the flowers bloom most of the year here. and the birds are fantastic! we have the most beautifull red cardinals and these little tiny yellow and black birds that are soooooooo cute. we of course feed all of them plus the squirrels and they could very quickly eat you out of house and home.
Last nite I started a doll quilt for my granddaghter Casey. She will be one in may so it won't be long before she will need these things for her own baby doll.
I also worked on a dresdon quilt block" not sure how far I will go with it. I am a bit on the strange side. I have a tendency to get all excited about making a block and then by the time it is finished I am ready to tackle something else. you would not beleiveeeeeeee how many orfan blocks I have stacked up around here. one day I would like to put them together into quilts. and I probably will but not todayyyyyyy.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

oops I thought I had copied the friends swap

I have signed up for a swap and wanted to post it too my blogg so all of you who were interested could also sign up but for some reason when I copied it the whole thing did not come with if you are interested look up Sew Prim Kris blogg" It is called a friendship swap and you come up with something for every letter of the word to send to your partner. It sounds like it will be fun! I have signed up and will have to make sure that I get shopping completed early because it is sent off in july and that is the month I will be in SPokane visiting with my little grandkids.
I have not been up to a lot of quilting lately. My grandsons quilt is up on my design board and is growing very slowly. I have been very busy out in the yard helping hubby get all the planting beds redone and putting in the vegitable gardens. Lucky for me" I just finished a weeks vacation so it was good that I was here to help him.
I love this time of year in N.C. it is nice outside, not too hot and all of the bugs are not out yet.
I have managed to get some baking done. I made several dozen honey butter rolls and froze them . then I made three loaves of bananna bread and frose two of those. So I haven't been idle by any means.
I have also managed to start a journal and sooooooooo far have stuck too it! I have started them in the past and somehow always gotten sidetracked but they really are sooooooo handy to look back on and see what happened when so I really am going to try and stick with it this time.
O.k. will sign off for now and hopefully next time I will have something to show.
7 gifts-use letters F-R-I-E-N-D-S

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter is almost here"

Am feeling a bit guilty because I have not written anything in my blogg lately. Between being sick with respiratory infections and work it seems Like my time gets soooooooooo limited. Of course if I would manage it a little better that might help.
Today was a great day at work because we are now off for the next ten days! yessssssssss! Working for the school district does have some bennefits. lols
My secret pal had my easter bag delivered to me today. There was a chocholate easter bunny, a bunny tin with candy, some shopping pads, some easter pot holders and a pretty easter colored dishtowel. I could get used to this secret friend bussiness! I had mine delivered this morning and it contained lots of cute scrapbooking things. She is into scrapbooking so she should enjoy them.

We have also been busy with the yard this time of year. The other day we bought flowers and hubby has been tilling the garden so that we can start planing veggies. I am sooooooooooo looking forward to eatting from the garden again! There is just something so good about eatting a cukecumber or zuchinnie and tomatoes from your own garden.

The other thing I have been up too is embroidery by hand. I am actually enjoying it. there are several sites with block of the month embroidery and I am slowly working on them. Hopefully I will get enough done to take some pictures one day soon.

My daughter called me and is going to start getting into geneiology. That made me a happy camper as that is something I had started to get into a few years ago. I soon became discouraged because both of my parents families are from norway. welllllllll it can get very complicated trying to get through the name changes, and not being able to write or speak norweigion made it even more difficult. Now however things have improoved and i think she will have a much better chance of finding out information. So I am excited to see what she will find out.

Well that is about all that is going on at the moment so I will stop for now and hopefully get back here more often.