Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday and counting down""""

Time seems to be just flying by me. Yestarday a friend from work talked me into going to a shopping mall in Smithfield and was it ever hugeeeeeee. I swear it would take a person at least a week to get through the whole thing. We did however manage to get through three or four of them. I told her when I get back in August we can go again.
After I got home I received some sad news. one of my very good internet friends lost her youngest son due to a car accident. I feel soooo badly for her. That is something you never get over. Time makes it more bareable but it never stops hurting. I wish that I could be there with her and help her go through it but luckily she has two daughters and lots of friends to help her to get through this.
Welllll today I started machine quilting my granddaughters quilt. Its half way done but let me tell youuuuuu I think this may just be my last quilts other then wall quilts or maybe a lap quilt. I am just getting too old to crawl around on the floor pinning quilts together and in the past I have always quilted by hand. That is muchhhhh easier then trying to manipulate a quilt around the throat of a sewing machine. If I had the space to set up my frame I would have much preferred to quilt it by hand. Anyway it should be done before long. then I am hoping I can squeeze it in to my luggage some where. I would like to carry it on instead of put it in the regular baggage as it is something that just can't be replaced. After that I baked cupcakes which I will take down to the voting station at the fire house this afternoon. Hubby is working there today and its a very long day for all of them. I just got back from getting them their lunch.
Just attached a picture of my friend and I in one of the shops we stopped at in the mall. I am always amazed at the gorgous flowers they have here in North Carolina. there are several that I would love to have but they would have to be taken inside durring the winter and I just don't have the room.
There is also a picture of some hot pads I am making. I got this pattern from a blog that I visited recently. I had emaild the owner of the blog to see where I could find the pattern and she was sweet enough to sketch it out for me. it was her own original pattern. I am always so amazed at how nice our internet friends can be".
Fathers day was nice as Dougs son, grandson, and greatgrandsons were here to wish him well. By now you all know that all of my pictures will be posted in the opposite order that they should be. I still haven't figured out how to adjust that one. O.k. guess I had better run some cupcakes down to the fire station. everyone take care untill next time.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday June 13th

Boy this had been one of those weeks. First of all it was my last work week untill next august so that was a good thing. but I can sure tell that I am getting olddddddd. After crawling around inside those darn ovens trying to clean them friday by the time I got up saturday morning I could hardly move. Finally gave in and took a muscle relaxer and the rest of the day went better" at least for my bodys aches and pains.
Remember the zig zag quilt that I posted for my granddaughter? wellll one of my good friends emailed me and said Linda did you know that you had one of the rows turned around in your quilt or did you meant for it to be that way? Ohhhhhhhhhhh noooooooo definately not! sooooooo I spent the next hour or so ripping out the seams and putting it back together the right way. I was so glad that she let me know now before I decided to quilt the darn thing.
I also started a patriotic table runner from one of my groups. Do you know how sometimes the simplest projects can turn into a nitemare" welllll this was one of those projects. I put it all together very quickly but decided after looking at it that I really didn't like it. sooooo I decided to change the edges to a pointed runner instead of a long square one. That looked much better. But after putting it up on my design wall I still wasent't happy with it and decided it was because of the way they layed out the colors in the flag. it wasen't just red white and blue but red blue white red so it was off too me" soooooo you guessed it" I tore the whole thing apart once again and put it all back to gether the way I thought it would look good. welllllll would you believe that after I hung it back up" I discovered that one of the ends was backwards which would have meant taking it completely apart once again and by that time I really was not interested in this project any longerrrrr. Do any of you have days like this! normally I am smart enough that when things are not going my way " to walk away and come back later but not this time.
I have decided that since this is my first weekend a free woman (from work that is) that I would bake some apple bread which I did yestarday and today I am going to make some bisquits and sausage gravy. (definately not weight watcher material ) but its what I happen to be in the mood for. may have to walk it all off later.
Hubby was out in the veggie garden while I was pulling weeds in the flower garden and he brought in some more cukes. He had to take a picture and insisted on laying a ruler next too them. He could not believe how big they got. last year for some odd reason we grew little cukes but this years batch has definately made up for it.
Well I think I am going to go see what kind of trouble I can get into today. take care untill next time.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

June 6th

Just a quick note and picture to let you know that I actually managed to get my granddaughers quilt top finished. All thats left is to put it together. haven't made up my mind if I will take it along and finish it there or try and do it here and pack it away in my suitcase which couldddddd proove to be problematic is that a word? lols take care untill next time

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day off""""""''

Well this is has really been a short week. First of all we had monday off for memorial day and then I had to take today off for a dental appointment so tomorrow is friday already and I hardly feel as though I have worked at all".
As you know I finished one of my granddaughters quilt tops last week and this week I have one started for yet another one of my granddaughters. I am thrilled that I should have both quilts finished before I leave in next month at least the tops will be if nothing else. Its kind of fun to put them together with the kids and their mom.
We have also been doing a lot of gardening, Or maybe I should say hubby has. I weed here and there and water when I get the chance too. Now I do my share of eatting what comes out of the garden I can tell you that! And as usual you will see that the pictures are in the wrong order. darn it! I still have not figured out how to fix that problem.
I have also been hand quilting a table runner that I started some time ago and just managed to get it pulled out again. I have promised myself that even though I have purchased another quilt pattern that I will be good and not start it untill I get these projects completed.
That is about all that has been going on lately. I know you are probably beginning to think that all I do is work and sew. wellll you might just be right with a little bit of cooking thrown in there! Take care untill next time.