Saturday, November 27, 2010

November 27th

Seriouslyyyyyy I am not sure where in the heck all the time goes but it does! Have been busy between work, church, hollidays, doctors you name it something is always going on.
Anyway Have also been busy with quilting. This one is finished except for adding the bat and the backing and quilting it. Have also been cleaning my sewing room . Now let me tell you that most people would look and say you what????????? but beliveeeeee me compared to what it was this is clean!

This time of year is a time for making gifts also. I drew one of the ladies names in my church craft group and made this christmas stocking for her" Will also try and pick up a basket and make some homemade bread to add too it. Have also been trying to make a few things at home for the upcomming craft fair besides what we make at the craft class. These are some kleenex holders and burp cloths.
Then I drew one of the girls names at work so I found this adorable cookie jar filled with sugar cookies.

Have also been busy working on hand items. My ripple afghan has not grown a lot but my grandmother flowers garden is gaining headway. I have quite a pile of them and as if that weren't enough hand work I have started appliqueing them to squares. I wanted something different then the traditional grandmothers flower garden. and last but not least sometime ago I started a small wallhanging to go on my daughters kitchen wall to cover up an ugly fuse box so while cleaning up my sewing room I found it again and have managed to get it quilted this morning on the machine and the binding is ready to be stitched down. Gee its amazing what you can accomplish when you clean up your sewing room. I just hope I can keep it this way. I don't know about you but once I get it cleaned up " I am more eager to work in it.
As usual all of the pictures added in the opposite order of my posts so bare with me as I have yet to figure that one out. Take care and have a great day!