Monday, April 18, 2011

Another day""""""""

O.k. lets just start with that great little kindle my hubby bought for me" would you believe that we couldn't use it to download books? well apparently there are three different ones and the one we bought you have to have wifi to download with. Why dosen't someone tell you these things. I thought maybe he didn't read far enough but when I went back and looked you really had to look hard to find out this information. Anyway the old one is being sent back and the new one will be on its way .
This has been an absolutely crazzy week. We have a beloved pet cat that we have had for almost nineteen years now. Welllllllll she suddenly came down with an eye that looked completely dead that was not showing her iris at all and her neck was completely bent in one side long direction. She could not stand up by herself and so she quit eating and drinking. This all started yestarday. Well needless to say I spent most of the nite sitting up with her because she kept crying . Hubby and I talked about it this morning and decided that she must have had some kind of a stroke and we would take her in just as soon as I got home from work and have her put too sleep. We didn't want her to suffer. Welllllllllll when we got to the vets office she said she didn't belive it was a stroke that was something that didn't usually happen to kitty cats and wanted to take some quick blood work. so we said go ahead. she came back out and all of her blood work looked good so she told us that she was pretty sure that it was an inner ear infection. I would have neverrrrr beleived that something like that could cause so much damage. She said the ear has lots of nerves involved and that is probably why the eye is rolled back into her head and the reason she can't stand up is because of the balance thing. sooooooo she said she would keep her tonite and give her plenty of fluids, antibiotics and ear drops. hopefully by tomorrow she will be getting back to normal. We were sooooooooooo releived. we had both gone in crying and expecting to take her home and bury her and instead she is being fixed and we will be able to enjoy her for years to come we hope". I actually said a prayer late last nite that God not let her suffer but this is sooooooo much better. and we are both sooooooo thankfull!
O.k. I am off to hunt for an applique giraff for my newest granddaughters quilt. Today I found some of the cutest little onsies and did I tell you that I made a big girl blanket for the youngest so she won't feel so badly moving into her todlers bed.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday the seventeenth.

The church craft bazar went well yestarday" We were a bit worried because of the air show that was schedualed at the base as they expected well over three thousand people to attend But at the last minute thunder storms moved in so they had to cancel. problably a good thing they did because after that the tornado warnings started. one touched down in Raleigh and caused quite a bit of damage. Once I got home from church we were on tornado warnings most of the afternoon and evening. Anyway I got tirid of sitting there watching the news on them so went into my room and decided to play around with the kindle cover. before I knew  it" I had managed to get it completely finished.
I have also come to the conclusion that I really need to pick up a container for all of these cords. I have cameral cords, kindle cords, music cords ect. ect. I think I should get one gorgous box to keep all of them in and mark the name of each one so I know what they are for. O.k. guess I had better get through the rest of my mail so that I can get ready for church. take care untill next time"

Friday, April 15, 2011


I really do owe you all who follow my blog an apology" I have been so busy between church , sewing for the new grandbaby, work and cooking that I just don't seem to take the time to get here and post like I should.
This has been one heck of a winter for sickness also. It seems like between my hubby and I we have just been going back and fourth with respiratory infections.
Yestarday I ran all over trying to find something to wrap candy in that I am making for the churches craft fair which we are having tomorrow. I finally found some cute little easter bags to put it in. Today after work I drove to the church to help them get everything out on the floor. what a job! and tomorrow I will go in and man the goody table. (not a bad job) But I bet I will be the busiest one there! I made up bags of chocholate peanut butter balls and from what the other ladies are bringing we should have lots to sell. I am conemplating making a loaf or two of beer bread because it is so easy and fast and I am at the point now where I am beat. Wonder how that would go over at the church lols

Lets see what have  I sewn lately that you haven't seen. ? ohhhhhh I made a little diaper bag for my daughter just one of those you throw a few diapers in and once my granddaughter saw it she immediately said ohhhhhh grandma made me another purse ! so you know what I stayed up that nite making.
Then I managed to make a couple of bibs for the new baby. I did them in blues and browns because we thought it might be a boy but Girls still ruleeeeeeeeee so will have to make some up in purples as the other granddaughter informed her mama that pink is herrrrrrr color. Shes only two so there might be a little bit of jelousy.
I have been looking at other blogs and the circle thing has been all over every where sooooooooo I got on the band wagon and made a lap quit top. I say top because that is as far as I got as other things kept getting in the way which is o.k. because I sure won't need it around here untill next winter.
The next two projects will be a cover for my new kindle that hubby bought me for our anniversary. Hes so sweet he got it for me early because I didn't want to buy another book" knowing that I was going to get it next month. I am also working on another baby quilt for the new baby. My daughter always laughs at me because I usually make each new baby enough darn quilts to keep them warm for a lifetime. Anyway this one is a work in progress not too mention the one I am making for her and hubby. I swear no wonderrrrrrrrrr I never get any time to blog" I am always doing something! lols
Linda wrote and asked me if I had finished my embroidered kitty " The kitties are done but the flowers aren't and from the looks of it they probably won't be for awhile. I have a dear friend in Australia who is always sending me patterns and I would dearly love to get busy and do some of those too. Well we get an easter break so I am hoping the new joanns in Greenville will be open by then so that I can go check out the material. would like to make the new baby some washclothes and other things . Who ever said life slows down as you get older didn't know what they were talking about. I am busier now then I was when I was younger. It seems like there is always something to do or some place to be!
O.k. I am off again and I will really try to do better but no guarantees. Life just does what ever it wants too"