Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Home from vacation

Well just a quick note to let everyone know what an absolutely great time I had! I spent three weeks visiting with my daughter, son in law and four wonderfull grandkids! Donald the oldest is growing by leaps and bounds, Kloe Has decided to become a writter, kendra seems to be interested in cheerleading and all those girly activities. And last but no least casey is just adorable. she is not growing very fast and is still just a little thing but she is soooooooo cute. She has the cutest personalitly. I think she has everyone in the family wrapped around her little finger including her grandma! I miss all of them already!

Today I had a chance to unpack and much too my dismay several of the things that I had bought were broken. luckily hubby is good with a glue bottle and went to repairing them for me right away. Kerrie and I hit yard sales and an auction of her father in laws so you knowwwwww that I wound up buying a third suitcase to bring home with me. I had already packed my larger suitcase with things for the kids thinking that it would be the empty one to come back with me but by the time I finished going to yard sales, (did I mention they have the neatest yard sales?) and the auction , not too mention the fabric stores and quilt shops I really haddddddd to buy the third suitcase. Now I am trying to cram everything into my little sewing room which is shrinking day by day.

After I unpacked I sat down to open the package from my dear swap partner in the friendship swap that I spoke of in an earlier post. I was abasolutlely amazed at what she sent me. she was soooooooooooo creative not only in her stitching but also in her packaging. she did the most adorable wrappings. It felt like christmas going through all of them. She came up with the cutest things to spell out friendship and she made me the most amazinggggggggg doll! I wish I had such talent! I am going to call her deliahla. she is up on my shelf where I can look at her every day. I am thinking that I may have to rearrange things so that I can have a shelf just for dolls. she is justtttttttttttt too cute!

Well it is pouring down rain here and before the lightening starts I think it might be a good idea to shut down the computer. take care untill we meet again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday and counting down"""""""

Well it is tuesday morning and I will be flying out thursdayyyyyyy just two one more day before I leaveeeeeee yessssssssssss I am sooooooooo looking forward to getting my arms around those grandkids and my daughter!!!!!!!!! I haven't been able to get excited about working on anything because I have been too busy thinking about the trip. I did manage to get kerries gift finished and have been working on dishclothes. the garden is doing great! I am going to miss going out and picking a bucket full of goodies each morning. The flowers are beautifull this time of year as you can see" I pick a fresh boquet every other day or so.
I went to see a doctor yestarday about my arm hurting so much and it seems that I have tennis elbo. He says it is caused by a lot of useage of your arm and hand hmmmmmmm could that be because I spend my work weeks lifting heavy boxes and huge pans and when i am off work I am always sewing, quilting, emb, chrocheting, gardening ect. geeeeeeeeeee I wonder why it picked on me""""""" well this three week trip should help to get it into shape. the only work out it will get is the slop machine (which I may have to use my left hand ) and carrying around bags from the fabric shops lols Have a great month and I will see you again in August!Lord willing and the creek don't rise" Don't ya just loveeeeeeeee that old saying!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well its thursday and the time seems to be just flying by. one week from today I will be flying off to see the kids. I got up this morning to see the news of a nude passenger flying from n.c. to vegas woooooooooooo lets hope my trip is not quite so exciting. I could do with a nice relaxing trip. lols
Lately I have not been creating a lot because I have my mind on getting ready for the trip. I purchased an mp3 player so that I would have something to listen too and hubby has had a heck of a time getting it figured out. the first one didn't work so we took it back and this one seems to be driving him crazzy. Hopefully we will get it all worked out before I leave. this is the time it would help to have a teenager around. They know soooo much more then we do when it comes to gadgets!
Anyway I have been chrocheting lots of dishcloths. For some reason this has been relaxing too me. I haven't chrocheted for years but for some strange reason I want to do it again. Kind of like the hand embroidery. Am I the only one that is like this?
I will try and get another post in before I leave but if I don't you can rest assured knowing that I am enjoying myself with daughter and grandkids. Yessssssssss