Monday, June 29, 2009

monday afternoon

Gee the time is going by sooooooooo quickly. Before you know it I will be packing to go to Spokane. I am soooooooooo excited. Can't wait to hold all those grandkids in my arms " not to mention my daughter!
Yestarday we went to wallmart so that I could buy an ipod but once I got there I decided on an mp3 player instead. Now we are in the process of figureing out how to download music too it. We stopped by the other wallmart today where I got some better ear phones " I hate the ones that you put inside of your ears so I bought the type that you slide over your ear. Then of course I had to come home and make a bag to carry the player, earphones and the jack in. I found the pattern while searching blogs the other day. It is actually the same type of bag that I made for my camera so it was simple to make.
I am trying not to get too involved in sewing projects right now. I just finished a chorchet project that I am taking with me but cannot show you as my daughter might just see it if it were posted here. A friend of mine sent me a golly doll pattern that I would dearly love to start too but that one is going to have to wait untill I get back .
I hope all of you are enjoying your garden as much as we have been enjoying ours. I know that my poor daughter isen't as the deer ate hers this year. They have decided to move it closer to the house and maybe put up a larger fence. I think that she is going to put up a greenhouse like we are too this fall. I found a pattern for one made up of pvc pipe that looks pretty darn simple to make so I think that will be a lot of fun getting our plants started early for next year. Ohhhhhhhhh hubby bought me an orchid for our anniversary and it is soooooooooo gorgous! maybe I will start grwoing them once we get a greenhouse.
O.k. I guess I had better get off of here and get something else done. take care

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday morning"""""

Good morning everyone" It's a gorgous day out there" Now if we could control that hot temperture it would be even better! Hubby is outside ferilizing and watering all the plant life. Our garden is doing fantastic this year" we have been getting tomatoes, zuchinni, radishes, cukecumbers to keep us fed and the neighbors.
I am on the countdown for leaving to go to spokane" I am soooooo excited to see everyone again. This morning Goshhhhhhhhhhh is it only eight o.clock? I must still be on work time. Anyway I degress" When I got up this morning and did the dishes that I left from the nite before" (I knowwwwwwwww that is bad)))))) I decided to do something in my sewing room. Awhile back I had made the tops for some doll quilts and decided that I need to get those finished to add to the others that I already have put away for Casey.
Its funny but I never feel like I have enough done even though these are a good year ahead of time before she will be wanting them. She just turned a year in may .
I have sooooooo much stuff to pack and its not stuff for meeeeeee '''' I swear I am going to have to pack everything and leave my clothing out! I had forgotten how much stuff I had put together. I try and mail a lot of the things durring the year but the mail has become so expensive that I have even cut back on that. And then there are the things that you make that you do not trust with the postal dept. I made a quilt top for my grandson and have decided to take it with and finish it there. I just wouldn't want to finish that and send it through the mail. After all I am getting older and it is getting harder and harder to put these quilts together so I sure wouldn't want to have it dissapear in the mail.
Do any of you have the problem of figuring out what to make for your teenage grandsons? I seem to be running out of things to make for Donald The girls are easy to make for because I can always come up with things for girls but boys are a different story" especially when they become teens. I have a pattern for some notebook covers so am planning to make up some of those for him. They might have to wait untill I get back from spokane as I want to have him pick out some fabrics that he likes. Wellllllll I am not getting anything done sitting here so I had better move. take care untill we meet again"""""""""

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning

Couldn't lay in bed one minute longer. My back has been giving me a time lately so I am up early with time to comment on my blog. yestarday I had to go and see my arthritus doctor and we went out for a nice anniversary dinner afterwards. I had hubby drop me off at michaels while he went to lowes. what funnnnnnnnn! I can always find lots of things to spend money on in that place. Anyway I ran into a lady who was from out of town and started asking me questions about chrochet. we had quite a nice visit. She managed to get me interested in yet another project of which I will not reveal right now as it is going to be a surprise for someone" Hopefully I will be able to reveal it later if all turns out well!
I did manage to work on one of those cute little rabbits that are on one of the bloggs. Naturally I cannot remember which one" but I am quite sure Casey is going to like it.
After comming home from our shopping trip hubby surprized me with the most gorgous orchid!!!!!!!! This will be my very first orchid so I hope it likes me!
O.k. I am off to work on more projects untill we meet again.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Decision made"""""""""

Well I couldn't wait any longer" Hubby said he liked the pink and green and I did too so I went ahead and made it. Now to reveal what it was I wanted to make.
I saw one of these on another blog but here had chrochet hooks going all the way across except for the scissor pocket. I decided that there are only several hooks that I use over and over again so I made enought room to hold eight of them and added yet another pocket on the other end for my glasses. Now it is ready anytime that I am. I loveeeeeeeee this idea" you see it dosen't take much to make me a happy woman! I also decided to make a needle case while I was at it. O.k. I am off to play """"""

Monday Morningggggg

O.k. I have a delemma" Normally I don't think twice about color but for some strange reason I seem to be going back and fourth with this one. I need your help" do you like the pink and green together best? or the pink and black together the best? I need to make up my mind by today so that I can hopefully get it put together tonite. It is something for me personally so I don't know why its such a big deal" I guess its because I seldom make things for myself.

Other the sewing I have managed to get up and get my vaccuming and dusting done and the garden is in good shape. The only bad thing to happen lately is that my car battery died yestarday. The dealer told us the last time we had it in for a check up that it needed to be replaced but they wanted three or four hundred dollars to replace it. well hubby went to auto zone this morning and bought one with the same type of waranty for $99.00 so Now I am a happy camper again. This means another trip to wallmart. Funny how often we go there! By now we should have stock in that store as much money as we spend there.
Hopefully I will make a decision on which one of these fabric combinations I like best as i would like to have my project finished so that I can post a picture of it today or tomorrow. take care

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Its saturdayyyyyyyyy again!!!!!

Funny how I seem to post on saturdays" Not sure why that is especially now that I am off work untill school starts up again.
This morning my hubby came in from the garden with an armload fulllllllll of zuchinnies. We already had our frefridgerator full so I called one of my neighbors and she happily took them all home. I told hubby that eventually we will have to put up a sign on the highway free tomatoes, free zuchinnie. Did I mention that we planted a lotttttttttttttt of them.
I have also been working on some blocks that I started yestarday. I started off just planning to make one block because I love stars and this scrappy star was just toooooooo cute. Well then I made another and another and thought hmmmmmmm maybe I will make a wall hanging out of them. Well now that I have it the size I want it" I cannot seem to make up my mind just what I want to do with them. I can either make a wall hanging and quilt something in the blank squares , I can embroider something in the blank squares orrrrrrrrr I could use it for a baby quilt since the colors are so brite and add some simple embroidery to the blank squares or again use a quilting design . I am leaning towards the quilting as I haven;'t done a lot of hand quilting lately. I used to have a quilt frame set up in my beauty shop where I could quilt any time I wanted too. Now I just don't have the room to set it up. so I use a hoop to quilt on. The more I look at it the more I am leaning towards a baby quilt. any ideas on the border?
I think my next project will be a lap quilt or twin size quilt. I have been collecting six inch squares for some time now so I think its about time I start putting them together. That is such a simple way to go but I loveeeeeeeee the scrappy simplicity of it all.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its Saturdayyyyyyyyyyyy"""""""""""

Well here it is saturday again and I was up and out of bed by six fifteen. They were haveing a yard sale at the church this morning so I just had to go" I have not seen many yard sales around here and the ones that I do see are all clothing and little kids stuff. Welllllllll I wound up with an adorable old birdhouse , a cute shirt with matching top that still had the tags on it", a pancake pan for hubby and a cute old fashioned basket for me" It dosen't take much to make me happyyyyyyyyy lols

Then I went out to weed some of our flower beds. I had to go back inside and grab my camera as there is so much happeing out there " The flowers are blooming the tomatoes are growing! I loveeeeee this time of year. Our little squirles aren't so little any more" Between the bird seed and the guiennies seed they are getting so gosh darn fat that I am seriously beginning to worry that the neighbors cats are going to get them. She has around fifteen of them and they seem to be attracted to our place because we have so many birds and squirrels. Well I guess I will leave that one to mother nature to worry about.

Now for the most exciting news this week! Hubby booked my flight to spokaneeeeeeeeeeee. Here that daughter and grandbabies of mine! I will be there before too long. School will be out in another four days so I can start thinking about packing. I am looking soooooooo forward to seeing them all again! O.k. welllllll I had better quit and get back to the laundry take care untill we meet again.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June first

Ooops the page got away from me. Anyway I managed to finish two baby quilts for a co worker as she is going to have her first grandchild. And I finished a doll quilt for my bosses granddaughter. This little girl is so sweet and so polite. she is in kidnegarten and she made a special trip to the kitchen to thank me for the last one and give me a hug. I thought that her grandmother had put her up too that but apparently she came up with it on her own.
I have come to the conclusion that we need a smoker to cook meat in. After watching a barbeque show with paula dean and all the places she went for barbeque so I handed hubby the money today and told him we need to pick one up. Wallmart has one that looks very handy. I read all the reviews on them and found that the ones that use propane cook more evenly and it is easier to control the heat. So glad I read before buying because hubby and I had both thought about getting the ones without propane.
Our garden is doing soooooooo well. we have zuchinnie that should be ready next week or soon after. Our tomatoes are about the size of golf balls so they won't be far behind. I loveeeeeeeee this time of year. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I belong to a pincushion yahoo group and they had some give aways this last week to celebrate their existance. anyway I won some material, an adorable scissor holder with scissors, a cute little sbs pin cushion, and a rotory cutter.
Well its getting late so I had better go get my shower taken and settle down to some chrocheting for the nite. take care untill we meet again.