Wednesday, July 31, 2013

O.k. Its wednsday and I am actually remembering to post more often. maybe I can get this to be a routine. I don't know why it is so difficult for me to remember to do this. its kind of like having a diary sitting in a drawer right next to your easy chair that you fully intend to post to every day and never do" but I am going to really try and keep current with my blog. the biggest thing is that I love looking back over all of the projects that I actually have completed. its so easy to get into moods where you feel as if you don't accomplish much but when you look back at a blog you really do accomplish more then you think you do. I was also noticing one of the pictures of the grandkids and I have a very new one that I need to post. not only have they grown but there is a new addition.
Its hard to believe that they are growing so quickly. where does all the time go?????
Have been spending time searching my fold
ers and looking at different blogs trying to conjure up idea's on what I will make for my new friendship swap partner. it will be another couple of days before I find out who she is " can't wait! Love these things as they are sooooooooo exciting. As those of you who watch my blog know" I also get involved with a swap with the teachers at the school I work for each year. that is always fun as we exchange gifts once a month or more and holidays and at the end of the year we have a meeting and discover who we have been exchanging with all year.

O.k that's about it for now as I am on my way to get the dreaded mamagram. you know who ever invented that one had to be a man! take care until next time.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Just found this post in my draft folder. will post it now but not sure if it will be out of order or not. New Toys!
I went blog hopping when I really should have been working on my wall quilt but was just too tirid to do it. Have been sick this past week with an upper respiratory infection and by the time I get through working each day I just don't seem to have the energy to do anything. wellllllllll while I was blog hopping I found the neatest ruler called Elisas Crazzy Curves rulers. I have always been interested in the drunkards path pattern but have not done anything about it. wellllllll now maybe I will. the price ont he ruler was reasonable (which I could say the same for the shipping. that cost me almost as much as the ruler did). anyway that is not all I did" when I am badddddd I am really badddddddd!!! I have been looking at the fabric cutting machines now for quite awhile and wondering if I really wanted one " if I would use it enough to warrent the expense of one. welllllll I was looking through Joanns online and they had the sizzix machine on sale for 59.99 with my free shipping coupon it was a no brainer sooooooooo that came home to roost too! Now I have nooooo exscuse not to have plenty to keep me busy. I am planning a trip to Joanns next week in Greenville so will see what I can find in applique dies. I also joined a yahoo group for sizzix machines. will let you know how it works out. and hopefully I will have some pictures of blocks with the new rulers also.
Well here it is Monday alreadyyyyyy the time just keeps flying by! I am sitting here looking at my sewing room. do any of you live in small homes? before we moved here we loved in a larger home and now I have had to downsize and it seems like I am always looking for storage idea's. I have come up with one or two that have helped such as the over the door shoe holders. I use them for yarn as they hold a lot and it is easy to see your yarn color so that you can simply grab it and go. I have a small plastic holder much the same for my earrings. I wish that I could magically add an extra room or two . the thing that bothers me the most is my kitchen. I have nooooo storage wellllllll not enough". we have added shelves given away our dinning room table and chair set and installed a kitchen island with cupboards below to help but it still isen't enough. I bought a small bookcase for my cookbooks and it is already full beyond capacity. am wondering if I  shouldn't have put another bakers rack there so that I would have more storage. which brings up yet another subject. how many of you collect cookbooks? tell me do you actually use them? I find that I collect all of these cookbooks and never seem to use them. I spend more time downloading recipes on the internet and trying them. just doesn't make sense. I have a large bookcase in my craft room that is over filled with quilt books and patterns. maybe I could go through them and clean out a couple of shelves for my favorite cookbooks and get rid of the rest and then add another bakers rack?????? if you have any great storage idea's I would love to hear them!
School will be starting up again very soon. Someone asked me in church yesterday if I was getting excited for it to start and I had to say nooooooooo I am still enjoying being lazy and not punching a time clock. I think this is going to be my last year as I hope to retire next year. Will have to wait and see how things go. We have a joanns moving into town soooooooooo I may have to continue just to support my fabric and yarn addictions. O.k. enough of my rambling outloud . take care until next time. By the way if anyone is interested. khris is having a friendship swap again and you can find it by looking at my sidebar to the right. I have entered it before and have entered it again this year" it is always a fun swap!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

I cannot tell you where all the time has gone " the summer is almost over with and it will be time to go back to work before I know it. I feel like it has slipped through my fingers as I have gotten very little accomplished. I did go and see my daughter and the grandkids which was the highlite of my summer.The flight over well but was beginning to wonder if I would ever get back home. When I left Spokane they were thirty five minutes late because they had to change a tire and then they couldn't decide whether it actually needed to be changed. and once I flew into Denver I had to run like crazy to catch my flight to Raleigh. after I gave them my ticket and went down to the plane they had everyone stopped because they had over booked. I was just waiting for them to tell me I couldn't get on that plane and they would have gotten a few choice words as we book over a month in advance.
Ohhhhhhhh you might have noticed sew prim khris on my sidebar. she is having a friendship swap which I have already joined as it sounds like fun. I joined it one year and met a very nice lady who made me the most gorgous doll! I was soooooo surprised as I didn't expect anything that intricate. she still resided in my sewing room and I look at her and think of pam every day!
Oh I found a couple of casserole dishes while I was gone. I have looked and looked around here and they just don't seem to have them. one I found at my son in laws fathers auction and the other at a yard sale.
I have been working on a butterfly quilt"
That's about all I have been up too besides knitting lots of dishcloths and I am working on a scarf currently. once it gets a little farther along I will try and remember to get back here with a picture. take care until next time.