Friday, August 21, 2009

apple bread and computers

O.k. I have enough time to make a couple of very quick comments. I just finished making two loaves of apple bread. we seem to go through stages. we will buy apples and we forget to eat them and at other times we will eat nothing but apples. anyway I had three that were going to go bad with in the next day if I didn't do something with them" so after dinner I made two loaves of apple bread. I used to use regular flour to make bread and one day I decided to buy bread flour and try it to see if there really was a difference. welllllllllll honey let me tell you if you haven't already tried it please do" It makes the texture of the bread soooo much easier to cut and I think it is actually a better flavor.

Now for my other comment" Is it just me or do you all" have a problem when you go to a site that has music playing on it? I love to go through the different blogs to get idea's on sewing projects and every darn time I come across a blog playing music my dang computer freezes up on me. I get soooooooooo gosh darn irritated I feel like throwing my computer out the window. I knowwwwwww I should definately strive for more patience and hopefully the Good Lord will help me with that" but in the meantime can anyone tell me why this happens? Or is it just my computer that does it. I hate to complain because I don't mind listening to music but it is sooooooooooo frustrating. O.k....... I have complained enough and I have several messages to go read so will close for now.

A big thank you to Khris""""""""

Just had to give a big thank you to khris as she has been helping me with my blog" See my pretty new backround""""""""" Thats because of khris she is sooooooooooooo darn smart! She also showed me how to diplay my followers great gal! she has lots of free backround links so check her out in my followers colum if you are interested. She also has a great blog with lots and lots of freebie sites.

O.k. just to fill you in" I have been painting and its almost done. I think I have like a four foot area to paint and then I am doneeeeeee" Do you have any idea what it is like to be an overweight little shortyyyyyyyy that is almost sixty years old with arthritus crawling around on a scaffoldddddd??? Well let me tell you its notttttttt a pretty site! soooooooo glad it is finished!

I went in and got my hair cut yestarday after work. I swear it is shorter then hubbies hair which I just cut the day before. I am not complaining because I told her to cut it short because working in that hot kitchen in august and septemeber especially will not be fun! I have to tell you that I have worn my hair long for most of my life and to wear it this short ( I am talking spiky short) is a real switch for me. It feels great and when it starts getting long on my neck it drives me crazzy Who would have guessed""""""""""

We went in and picked out new carpet for the living room and they had to order it but it should be in the middle of next month. We have opted to rip up the old carpet and move the furniture out to save money. I cannot beleiveeeeee how much they charge for that. Of course that being said I can remember when we ripped out the carpet in my sewing room and had to pull up allllllllll of those nasty little tacks" I swore I would never do it again and what do I do"""""' I tell hubby ya knowwwwwwwwww we can save quite a bit of money if we do that part our selves. urrrrrrrrrrrr me and my big mouth! See what happens when you come from a generation with parents that saved money every way they could" O.k........ I am through complaining it really should go quickly and I am soooooooooooo ready for new carpet. Its been almost three years of living with this thread baren carpet. We bought this home from a man that rented them out and this partiqular model happened to be located in a drug area. wellllll it was not very well taken care of and so we have been working on it ever since. We got it for such a good price that we just couldn't refuse and put it on two acres of land . Welllllllllll thats about all that is going on today so I am going to go see if I can finish up that last four foot section and then itsssssssss good by scaffold! Hopefully that is the last time I will have to crawl around on one in my lifetime.

O.k. one more thing" I just had to post a couple of pictures of my grandbabies! The youngest is playing with the new blanket granny sent her. She picked out the fabric herself when we had her with us in one of the quilt shops this summer" then you will see her examing the back side of the quilt which is an I spy " which my daughter suggested. Then of course the my other two darling granddaughters are busy putting puzzles to gether that I sent them. who knew these 3D puzzles could be so cute. My grandson is the oldest and he got a late start on his puzzle so will have to post that one at a later date. take care untill we meet again"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you want to get your accomplishments finished it seems like something always stands in the way. Well once I got home from Spokane I immediately started on my granddaughters new quilt. I did manage to get that finished. Then we happened to see an ice cream machine and since my daughter had introduced me to homemade ice cream again " we decided it would be fun to have one. as you can see hubby is happy we did!
Now one of the things I really wanted to accomplish before going back to work is to paint my living room. Somehow I seem to have developed this tennis elbow which is givng me fits so I am not sure I will get it done before I go to work.
Yestarday the steering pump was acting up in my car so we just got back home after having that repaired. Have you ever noticed that all the warranties you buy for a vehicle run out within a month after your warranty runs out?. We also bought a new matress and I can tell you we put that one off wayyyyyy too long as we both slept like babies last nite.
Well I think I have covered everything that has been going on lately so will close for now. take care everyone and I hope you are able to complete all of those things that you want to accomplish"