Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day is over""""

Well it was back to work today and tuesday is delivery day so there was lots of lifting. We have such a small kitchen that every time we do something we have to move it twice because we have to move it back out of the way to put it someplace else. it is a real pain" That being said they are in the process of building us a new kitchen that may or may not be done by next season. We are all hoping so".

Awhile back I posted that I had started a square in a square quilt for my Grandson Donald. well it was driving me crazzy as the squares were only six inches and I was getting tirid of looking at that and the limited color choices. I have come to the conclusion that in order to work on something for someone else I have to like what I am doing. My grandson when asked what colors he would like for his quilt said black and yellow. Welllllllll do you have any idea how boring it can be to work with just two colors."" I talked to his mom and told her that I was going to add a few colors to make it more interesting. she said go ahead that he changes his mind each and every day anyway.( Did I mention that he is a teenager) Anyway I happened to be on a blogg where someone had made a ducks in a row block and it hit meeeeeeeeee that is what I want to make for Daniel! So I started all over . I put the other blocks away and began making these blocks. They are sooooooooooo cool and I think it will be perfect for his bed. I am using yellow, black , orange, black, green , black , purple , black and blue and black. I am likeing the results. You would never know from looking now but at one time I only liked working with patels. Now I love everything especially color!
Our garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Hubby took a picture of me standing in the middle of our tomatoe patch to send to my daughter. He loves to tease her because living in N.C. we have a much longer and earlier growing season then she does in Washington.
O.k. Its almost time for NCIS one of my favortie shows. I have to see what has happened to zeeva tonite. so I am off to get my glass of wine and watch t.v. Take care untill we meet again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

nine square blocks"'''

Have been working more on the nine square blocks so I thought I would try and get a picture to give you an idea as to what they look like. My cat of course thought I needed help laying them out.
Yestarday I finally got the results of my lung tests from a month ago. Did I tell you that I have switched doctors offices. I am waiting for them to transfer my records but in the meantime they finally decided to call me yestarday one month after I had the tests done and informed me that I have asthma. I don't know of any other bussiness that could get by with that. Anyway I am dreading seeing my new doctor because I knowwwwwwwwww that the first thing he or she is going to say is that I shouldn't have any cats or dogs. welllllllllllll my cat is almost twenty years old. getting rid of her is just not an option. Hubby came down with asthma quite a few years ago and he feels the same. Our dog tripod is quite a shedder but like hubcap" getting rid of him is just not an option we adopted him a little over two years ago and he has become part of the family. so life goes on"
Hubby and his son and grandson are out fishing this afternoon so you know where I am"""""""' Its time to go back to the sewing machine take care .

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day""""""'''

Well I hope that everyone had a nice mothers day" I received a very pretty sentimental card from my daughter. My son sent me a very pretty handmade card with roses that he had colored on the front of the card, My stepson called to wish me a happy mothers day from seattle and my stepson here in N.C. and his wife gave me a dvd with Julia Roberts called run away bride. It sounds like it will be a good comedy. My hubby dosen't like Julia roberts but I think she is great! I sat here the other day and watched a rerun of steel magnolias and when I wasen't crying my head off I was laughing untill I cried! I love movies like that touch all of your senses.
A couple of weeks ago I went to a new doctors office and gave them permission to transfer all my files over to them. Would you beleive I had a lung test completed a month ago and they just now called me to inform me that I have asthma. I swear some things are just unacceptable. I am usually pretty easy going but there are times when you just have to get up and find a better situation.
Not a lot going on around here today. I have been working on a nine patch quilt or at least blocks for one. I found a blogg that was doing these blocks and what they are is just nine two and a half inch squares sewn together into a nine patch block which by itself is not all that exciting. but she has used scrap fabrics and set them together with white strips and for some reason that white just really brings out all the colors. I am normally not into white but in this instance I love it. hopefully I will find some time to take some pictures one day soon so that you can see what I am talking about.
WE have been looking all over to find some chickens. This is the first area that I have ever lived in that dosen't have a livestock section in their newspaper. So we are going to have to get more creative in finding what we are looking for. Hubby is going to go online tomorrow and see what he can come up with. Years ago when we first met" my hubby rented a place just outside the city limits and started getting chickens , ducks, rabbits ect. well we aquired all kinds of different breeds of chickens some of which were quite adorable. That is what we would like to do now is get several differnt kinds. Hopefully we will get lucky.
I ordered something today called a skipblade. When I lived in Paris Idaho the girls there were always using something they called a hemmer machine to put holes in the edge of baby blankets made of flannel or fleece and bibs, burp clothes ect. then they would take chrochet thread and chrochet an edging around the edge of the blanket. These were soooooooooo cute. anyway I went to michaels and came home with a leather press that I could use to punch holes and do the same. This is o.k. but requires a lot of marking and time to punch the holes. with this skip stitch blade all you do is insert it into your rotory cutter and you run it up the outside edge leaving 3/4s of an inch to turn under and you have it ready to chrochet. I love it when they come up with things to make my life easier. The nice thing is that it only costs 11.00. It is owned by a mom and pop type bussiness so I feel good about supporting them. If anyone else is interested simply type in skipstitch blade to google. Welllllll thats about all that is going on around here so will close untill next time.

Monday, May 4, 2009


What a nice day I have had" I went to work and our boss had gotten all of us some gorgous plants for employee appreciation day". I decided that I wanted it to hang right outside my sewing room window so that whenever I am on the computer I can look out my window and see it. soooooooo we had to run into town and get a shephards hook. While we were there I purchased some chocholates for a co workers birthday and another package for my secret pal at work. The school has a secret pal that you can sign up for at the beginning of the year and each month you have someone drop off a package for you to your secret pal. It dosen't have to be anything expensive but something that you would enjoy receiving. You can also leave them something on hollidays, birthday ect. This is the first year I have joined and so far it has been a very pleasant experience. I have enjoyed it.
I have also started doing nine patches do to a blogg that I was looking at. If you would like to become involved with her project go to htt://crazymomquilts.blogspot
You are supposed to try and get at least one nine patch completed a day and by a certain number of days there will be enough to complete a quilt. These nine patches are done with white sashing strips and they just looked sooooooooooo cute that I had to start making them. I didn't join the group because I have way too many things going on right now and do not want to get myself stressed out. I will simply play along as if I had joined and hopefully will accomplish as much as the rest. I started two days ago and already have six completed so far so good!
Ohhhhhhhhh my strawberries have blossums on them!It is truely amazing how happy simple little things can make me!
O.k. I am off to make some more nine patches. take care untill we meet again.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Sunny Saturday"

Well I got up this morning and it is gorgous outside. The sun is peeking through the clouds so am hoping that it will be nice today instead of the rain that was predited. That being said The rain probably wouldn't hurt our gardens either. lols
I finally got my swap partner in the friendship swap! Have been waiting patiently. she seems to be a lovely person . she is from Philadelphia, and has four children and two grandchildren. She works for a police dept. something I would have loved to have done if I weren't so darn short! She loves chocholate! who could possibly go wrong with someone that loves chocholate! She is a scorpio just like me! and we seem to enjoy a lot of the same things. quilting , bags, emb,stitching. She makes the most beautifull dolls I think that I have ever seen. When she talked about rag dolls I thought she meant just the plain raggidy ann dolls like I used to make the kids and grandkids. noooooooo wayyyyyy hers are absolutely fantastic. From what I have met of her I think she is going to be fun to partner with. Khris evidently puts a lot of thought into who she pairs together. Thanks Khris!
Well this is saturday and that means that I normally do the laundry but hubby wants to go to the highschool and get some more plants. We have a highschool just outside of Goldsboro that has a nursery class and they produce the most gorgous plants. we love buying our plants there each year as it not only makes us happy but it helps to support the school system.
Everything is popping up all over the place. We have decided to build a small greenhouse this fall. It would be so much more fun to start all our plants ahead of time from seeds. we do start a lot of them now that way but this would really give us a headstart. The greenhouse is made from pvc and costs around a hundred dollars to make. I am excited about that one. should be lots of fun to put together.
My doll quilt has been quilted and I am just now finishing up the binding. I need to get busy on some of my other projects. I have been in one of my dulldrums lately. unforutunately I seem to get into these burn out periods that don't last too long but they are irritating just the same. I want to put together some applique blocks to take on the airplane with me in July when I go to see my daughter and grandkids. not too forget my son in law. Nobody could ask for a more perfect son in law then Bryan. he is such a good daddy and a good hubby to my dd.
O.k. well I have carried on long enough and I think hubby is about ready to go for more plants so will close for now. I hope all of you have a great day!