Saturday, January 31, 2009

Weekend is hereeeeeeeee

Hi everyone" Hope you are having as much fun sewing and creating as I am." Today is saturday so I can play while I am doing the laundry ect. I managed to finish two of the doll quilts I have been working on. And I have two others in the making.

The other two are going to be done in 4 1/2" squares. these two were done in 2 1/2" squares. I think the larger go muchhhhhhhhh faster and I have several more to make. I still have pillows and pillow cases to make along with some doll carrier beds. Everyone thinks that I spoil my grandkids but if theirs lived as far away from them as mine do they would spoil them too. I am so looking forward to seeing them again in July. I cannot hardly believe that my youngest granddaughter is going to be 14 months old ! I will really have to spoil that one so that she remembers her granny.

Today I had intended on posting a cake plate that we made from a blogg idea somewhere" you take a plate and a bowl and you turn the bowl upside down and lay your plate over the top. This really does make an adorable cake plate! but I happend to stop by wallmart yestarday and picked up a set that had a swirl design on them so for some reason the plate didn't sit as evenly as it should have so back to the drawing board. When you use these permanent glues there is no second chance to get it right.

Well I am off to work some more on another doll quilt. Will try and post again before long. take care untill we meet again.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

coaster swap

I joined a coaster swap in a group that I bleong too called sewgoodfriends and I received my packages in todays mail.

From Dee I received four coasters ,a beautifull lace bookmark and some bobin bikinies. I had never seen these before but they look very interesting and I can see where they would keep your bobins in place.

From Fliesha I received four coasters, a nice card and some blackberry tea yummmmmmmm

Today I tried my very first snaphappy bag pattern yesssssssssssssssssss these are sooooooo simple and so much fun to make. Other then the time it takes to cut and trim and tape the tape measurer it is really a snap to make and they are sooooooo cute!

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Oops I forgot to add the picture of my january snowman!

I did join a coaster swap also but wouldn't you know" I forgot to take pictures before I mailed off the packages.

I also managed to make some kleenex holders. My gift box is already full so I will have to start another one. between friends family and all the things I get myself involved in" I am sure I will need all of them"


Well we are home from the hospital and all is well once again. He had two areas that were about thirty percent clogged but no need for a stent or surjury. they have to be at least 80% before they can do anything like that. They are going to change his medication and see if that won't stop the pains he has been having.

It snowed six inches here in N.C. so we didn't have school today. It always amazes me that everything closes down for even a couple of inches of snow. comming from snow country that is hard to understand. Anyway I am not complaining because when the schools shut down I stay home yessssssssss. Since I was home I went blogg surfing and found a monthly snowman pattern. This is offereed by ellie and I am addign her blogg to the right hand side of my blogg so that you can go over and get your own snowman pattern. She will be creating one each month. she already has several pictures in her gallery and they are sooooooo cute.

I will also add a picture of our snow I had to take pictures as no body will ever believe me. lols Take care and above all else have fun! you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Keeping busy'''''''''

Well this is saturday a typical laundry day. yuckkkkkkkkkk not a lot of fun in doing the laundry so I try and sew inbetween loads. This morning I managed to finish two ruffle skirts for the granddaughters Kaylee and Kristina. Last nite I made a mixer cover for my daughter kerrie.'

Will add the pics and hopefully they will go in the correct order. not sure why but whenever I write in this blogg and enter pics they go in backwards from the way I entered them.

Not a lot going on today other then sewing. I think I might look for some fabric and make a mixer cover for our kitchen. I am always making things for others and never quite get around to making them for myself. I think all of us sewers have that problem. Maybe we should make a list of projects and actually stick too it. What a novel idea" I think I might just try that. It would be nice to be orgainize. I actually belong to a couple of groups that are supposed to keep me organized. I do manage to get more accomplished but I am beginning to think that some of us are orgainized and some are not. I seem to prefer the spur of the moment!

The birds are arriving back in North Carolina. They don't seem to stay away for very long. I love sitting here at the computer in my sewing room and watching them out the window. we have invested in several bird feeders as they are sooooooo pretty and we love watching them. It amazes me just how much food the little buggers go through! One of my neighbors has fifteen outside cats and at least three of them think of our yard as their yard. They love to sit under the bird feeders and just wait for a chance to jump at them. Have you ever actually watched a cat jump after a bird? Let me tell you these little buggers can jump highhhhhhhh. Now I realize that animals operate by supply and demand and it is the natural order of things for cats to eat birds but I have to say " even though I love my indoor cat! I am cheering for the birds. Luckily it is very seldom that they manage to catch one. It won't be long before we will be getting ready to plant a garden again. I swear I don't know where all the time goes. speaking of time" I had better get back to sewing " take care untill we meet again.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

LIfes ups and downs.

Hi its me again" I just finished a baby quilt that I needed to donate to the local quilt guild. That makes me feel good because it is one less unfinished project in my sewing room. Now there are only about 99 left. Welllllllll maybe not quite that many. I have two projects on the ironing board right now. One is an applique block that I want to take along to the hospital next week. Hubby has to have a catherization. He had a small heart attack a few months ago (If there is such a thing) Anyway they put him on pills to slow his heart down. Well He has not been feeling all that good and the pills aren't doing as much for him so he decided it was time to go back in. We will go in tuesday afternoon its a sixty mile drive and then they will do the proceedure wednsday morning. Hopefully everything is o.k. and we will head back the same day. If not " if he needs another stent or anything else then it will be longer. Buttttttt I digress" The other projects are some ruffle skirts for my granddaughters Kaylee and Kristina. They are going to loveeeeeee these. I owe many thanks to a certain cyber buddy for the pattern. Thanks Jeannie!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Life goes on""""

Well the hollidays are over with and life goes on. Took hubby into Greenville yestarday to see a cardiologist. They are going to do a catherization on him to see if he needs another stent. There is never a dull moment around our house. I get soooooooooo tirid of worrying about one person or another. I wish that life could just go along at an even keel with no worries. But I guess that is just not too be. That being said I am glad he is getting this proceedure done because the pain is comming from some where and with his heart history the chances are that there is a reason for it. Will just have to leave it in Gods capable hands and hope for the best.

My daughter lives in Spokane and they have had sooooooooooo much snow! It has all started to melt now and freeze. That is going to be a real problem there for some time I am afraid". They are not used to getting that much snow and there have been bussinesses collapsing due to the weight of the snow.

I am still working on all my crafts inbetween working and doctor visits. hopefully I will be able to post a few soon. My problem is that there are just wayyyyyyyy too many things that I want to accomplish. I try to work on smaller projects as I haven't been able to handle the larger ones for some time now. I love making wall quilts, and have recently gotten into minnie quilts. Helps to keep my mind and body busy. Have recently aquired some cute little bag patterns that I would like to complete " also some scissor holders and needle keepers. Do any of you get addicted to going from blogg to blogg? I have gotten so addicted to looking at different projects. I loveeeeeee these bloggs! Especially all the great tutorials. The only downside is that I seem to spend more time looking then actually completeing! wellllllll will close for now and hopefully be back soon with some good news. "