Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!

Well here it is Christmas Day and before you know it we will be taking the tree down and putting everything away. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was good! And could only have been better if (you know this by nowwwwwww My grandkids were here). They have been getting tons of snow! Our weather couldn't be more different then theirs. Its warm and drizzling outside here.

My daughter sent pics of the grandkids in their outfits that grandma got them for christmas, Kristina has the monkey that I got her and Kaitlin is holding her toy and bears that I made her. Daniel of course is sporting the shirts granny got him. My daughter says he is difficult to buy for but granny has his number haaaaaaaaa And the other photos are the great grandsons that were here for christmas eve. Just a short post as I am due at the son in laws for christmas dinner so have to get ready. take care and merry christmas too everyone!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Almost Christmas"

Wowwww where is all the time going? Is it just me" Or does time seem to be going by much faster then it used too".

I managed to finish the dresdon plate table topper and gave it to a friend at work who was in the hospital .

I am working on another one now in orange colors. I also have several frog blocks that I had from a friend some time ago and they have a lot of orange in them. They have frogs which I love but with the color scheme she has chosen the only way to set them to gether where they would look good would be to use the gold that she already used in the blocks. soooooooooo I am trying to come up with a solution. so far I am playing around with random scrap strips which seems to be working. I would like to get this put together so that I have one less project laying around in my sewing room. Sometimes I really wish that I were the type that never started another project untill I finished what I was working on". I know that will never ever happen but its nice to dream.

The christmas shopping is almost done: and before we know it we will be getting ready for christmas eve and christmas day. My husbands son and his family come over for dinner on christmas eve and open gifts. Then Christmas day we go to their house for christmas dinner.

I would sooooooooo love to have my grandkids here durring the hollidays. I keep praying that one day that will happen.

There has been a lot going on at work. we have had our girls nite out to exchange christmas gifts and the following day we had christmas dinner at the school. The pta and the school do this every year. I have also been involved with a secret pal at work and she had someone drop off her christmas gift. While I love this time of year it is sad also because I miss my grandkids. I watched the kidnegardeners sing us christmas songs and I had to pinch myself to keep from crying. I just keep telling myself that summer is on its way and I will spend three weeks with them in July. I am thinking that one of these christmases I may just jump on a plane and spend a week at christmas time instead of the three weeks durring the summer. It would be such fun but at the same time not nearly enough time. ohhhhhhh my this is beginning to sound more like a diary then a blogg.

Lets see " I also finished a christmas wall hanging just in time. Hmmmmm not sure what I do wrong but the last picture I post never comes last" It always seems to go first. Wellllllll guess I will close for now. I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas if I don't get a chance to get back here before then.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Back again"

First of all I have to apologise for those of you who check back here frequently for the latest news. I am very bad at keeping up on a regular basis. Have you ever tried keeping a diary? I must have at least ten little journal books laying around everywhere. I start with the best intentions but then life just seems to get in the way of all those good intentions.

O.k. now that you are aware of all my bad habbits I will let you know what I have been currently working on now that I have finally been released from the physical therapist so that I have more time at home. the first is the dresdon plate table topper. I loveeeeee this pattern. I am thinking they would make some wonderfull christmas gifts next year.

I probably should have taken this closer up so that you could see that those little gold lines in the seams are actually fancy embroidery stitches but its too late now. you get the idea"

The other thing I have been working on is a snowman block. I haven't quite decided what to do with him. I would like to turn him into a small wall hanging but will have to think about it. What do you think?

Friday, November 28, 2008

Day after Thanksgiving:

Wow where is all the time going? Can you beleive there are only 27 days untill christimas! I am just soooooooo far behind this year!. I don't even want to think about christmas shopping again.
We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my hubbies son and his family. We all ate wayyyy too much. Hubby cooked a turkey in his newest toy" Its called a char broil oilless fryer. essentially it is a large pot type thing that you put a turkey or anything else in that you want to cook and it cooks faster and without oil. He cooked the turkey in two hours. The turkey was very moist and so far we all love his fryer! We had wayyyyyyyy too much food: We had turkey, ham, a potatoe casserole , mashed potatoes, gravy, collards , spinch dip, yams, creamscicle salad, pumpkin roll, several different cheese cakes and dump cakes rolls, and all the things associated with thanksgiving. And like all good people we ate and went home to lay back in our chairs and watch t.v. lols It was very nice but I soooooooooooo miss having my daughter and my grandkids around too. You would think that being able to spend three weeks with them in July would make me miss them a little less but I think it makes me miss them even more. Being with them for that long gives me a chance to get to know each one of their personalities. Before this we would go back and fourth twice a year for three or four days and they would drive over to our house once so we saw each other three times a year. That is when we only lived about seven hundred miles from each other. I had my own beauty shop so it was difficult to get away any longer at a time then that. Now I am working as a child nutricianist for the school district so that I have my summers off and can fly back for three weeks at a time. I can't wait untill July gets here again.!

I would love to show you all some projects that I have made since my last post but I just haven't managed to get any sewing done. I think between work and the house I am doing good to keep up with my emails. I am hoping very soon I will become inspired to get something completed.
The allergy season is here again. It seems soooooooo strange to suffer from allergies in november but I guess this is normal for north carolina. back home you would suffer durring the summer time. Well I think this is about all that is new around here so I will stop rambling on and hopefully the next time I post " there will be something new to show you. Take care and hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Late in Posting"

Sorry to be so late in posting but have been sick for almost a month now. The past eight days were spent in the hospital with double pnemonia after many wrong diagnosises.

That being said: I think I may be on the road to recovery. Have you ever been put on streoids? Let me tell you after two weeks of being on those things it is taking me some down time to get my body adjusted to being off of them. couldn;t figure out why I was sooooooo shaky. Not too mention the side effects of eatting everything but the kitchen sink. My poor hubby was beginning to hide from me too. I think he thought I might actually cook him for my next meal!

Now he is going through an upper repiratory infection along with his asthma so if we can just make it through this one maybeeeeeeeeee things will get back to normal.

Gee I can't believe october is over with and november is well on its way. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so naturally I have been recipe hunting. Do any of you go crazzy looking through recipes the way I do? I am finding all kinds of goodies to try out for the season. one is a Luscious four layer pumpkin cake from kraft foods that looks and sounds yummy. Another is mexican wedding cookies from the same source.

Ohhhhhhhhhh I have to post the halloween picture of my youngest granddaughter which my hubby printed out for me while I was in the hospital She is soooooooo tiny. Its hard to believe that she is six months old!!!!!

Is she not just the cutestttttttttt thing you have ever seen!

I also have to add one of my most favorite pictures of my handsome grandson" Isen;t it strange how a certain picture just seems to grab at your heart strings. Well this one is the one that does mine . Not sure why but it just really says Daniel too me"

The next one is Kristina She is another love of my life. Sooooooooooo sweet and sooooooooooo smart. To know her is to love her".

And of course the little blonde is the other love of my life! She can tell you anything and everything you ever wanted to know about bugs! ohhhhhhhhhhhh how I miss these guys!

Hopefully I will feel much better here soon and be able to post some projects. Untill then I am wishing you all a happy holliday season.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12

Where does all the time go too? I swear this afternoon I was looking at my calander and noticed that my old friend from Paris was going to have her birthday on the thirteenth so since it was sunday and my rates are free on sunday" I decided to take adavantage of that and call her. welllllllllll guess what. I somehow had the wrong date and her birthday was actually today. How lucky was that!

That is the only thing bad about living here where it is virtually summer just about all the time. I do miss my daughter and my grandkids soooooooo badly. and I also miss my old friends.

Well yestarday I managed to get a little bit of sewing done. I made two doll quilt tops. My youngest granddaughter is growing like a weed and she already has shown a compensity for dolls so I thought why not get them started. I am going to fold these up and get them put away to finish at a later date. In the meantime I am working on a square in a square lap quilt to surprise my little sister with when I go back to Spokane next summer.
I have been seeing a physical therapist this past week since my accident at work and it has really helped. This is the first time I have been off of muscle relaxers and pain pills. I was soooooooo worried that I would wind up with another back surjury. Some wonder why I am working at a job where I have to lift heavy boxes. welllllllllllll I want to be able to fly back every summer to spend time with my darling daughter and my grandkids so I had to find a job that gave me summers off and I am afraid those are in short supply. Anyway I am very thankfull that I am once again on the mend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Do any of you have the same problem that I have with coasters? I love using them but if I make them out of material they tend to get dirty very quickly and if I put the clear plastic over the top the glasses seem to stick to the plastic. wellllllllll when I happened to be in wallmarts fabric dept. the other day " I was looking at the long rolls of plastic and fabric for making table cloths. I got too thinking (something I rarely do): and it came to me that these would make perfect coasters! So I purchase 1/4 yard which only cost me less then a dollar to try it out. I cut out squares of the tablecloth fabric , squares of the cotton fabric for the backing and quares of fleece or batting whichever you use and layed them face to face with the fleece on the bottom and stitched around them leaving a hole to turn rightside out. then I went around them once again once they were turned. These are going to work perfectly! they can simply be wiped clean ! Can you tell that it dosen't take much to excite me? (must be my age) lols


Well for some strange reason my cat didn't get added to the mix. Most likely something I did or didn't do so will add her now. where there is a will there is a way!


Decided that I had better take some pictures as promised yestarday. It is so easy to get busy and forget about this blogg. These are the books I made for granddaughter kristina and the little musical frog baby I got her. She has to have a frog! Also a little chrocheted hat that I made for her before she was born. If I don't get it sent off it will be too small for her.

Next are the grandmothers flower garden blocks. These things are sooooooooo addicting. I love this part of them but am not looking forward to putting them all together .

And last are my square in a square blocks" these too are addictive! I loveeeeeee scrap quilts there is just something so interesting about them" they are so unplanned. I have never been one for purchasing a certain amount of planned fabrics for a quilt" To me it is just boring to use the same fabric over and over. Now this dosen't mean that I don't love seeing the finished products " I just don't enjoy working on them.

And last but not least is my cat" She loves being around to watch what I am doing. At one time she would have been right in the middle of all those flowers as I was laying them out! But these days she is content just watching.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

bag for christmas gift

Still not feeling great and have been put on muscle relaxers and pain pills. Have returned to work and back to lifting. I go into physical therapy monday so hopefully that will help too. Not sure if the pills are covering up the pain while I am working as I tend to feel it the next morning before taking the next round. I have been accomplishing things here and there though. several more flower garden blocks. will take pics later and pin cushions. I made one for myself and one for my daughter

Also a bag for one of my girlfriends christmas gifts and then two bags that I made for my granddaughters. Have been working on some cloth christmas books for newest granddaughter Kaitlin. They should be finished this weekend and on the way to her in Washington.

The weather is beginning to cool down here in North Carolina. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures. But thankfull that we are not having snow to deal with. Between hubby and myself it would be a huge problem to have to shovel white stuff these days.

Oh I almost forgot. we went to the local fair yestarday after work. It was fun as we saw all the animals and are considering getting some chickens for our back yard. The quilts were a dissapointment. There were only about five of them and they were someones older grandmothers quilts. Evidently there is not a lot of people interested in quilting here in this warm climate. On a brighter note the funnel cakes were great! Not that either one of us needed the caleries. lols
O.k. I am off to go watch americas most wanted. Hope everyone has a great week!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back injury

Just wanted to stop by so that everyone dosen't think that I have forgotten about my blogg. I slipped at work last week and have been knocked out on pain pills ever since well almost ever since. I did go back to work out the rest of the week with a back brace type of thing on and made it through thursday and friday. I thought that being home this weekend might do the trick but got up again this morning and still not doing any better. Poor hubby had to help with the laundry as I can't seem to bend down to pick anything up. I did manage to fold and hang the clothes and even peeled potatoes so that he could make his famous clam chowder. Hubbies grandson steven is comming by this afternoon and we haven't seen him for several weeks. Since he has gone off to school we don't get to see him very often. He only gets back home about once every couple of months. so I will wait and go to the doctor tomorrow and see what they suggest. hopefully they can do something with me. I am hoping that all I did was twist something.
O.k. will be back later and hopefully be able to post some pics for you. take care Linda

Monday, September 8, 2008

Secret Pal"""""""""

Not sure if I have mentioned it before or not but I work for the school district. I work in the kitchen preparing meals for the kids. Anyway Our school has a secret Pal program each year and this year I decided to get involved due to some nudging along from one of the girls I work with. She claims that the kitchen staff are all fuddy duddies and nobody gets involved in anything sooooooooooo far be it for me to let someone call me a name like fuddy duddy! Anyway I drew the name of the bookkeeper so have been busy getting things to gether to put into her mail box or on her desk. We fill out a questionier explaining what are hobbies are, favorite smells, candy, ect. We give them something on the hollidays, on their wedding anniversary, hollidays and at least once a month. So I have a bag of goodies for october.

October is an easy one but now I need to find something for this month. I am thinking this could get to be fun! Nowwwwwwwwww I wonder who has my name????????????

Friday, September 5, 2008

That time of year again!

Hope everyone is paying attention to the election information. No matter who you decide on or what group you want to go with" I think it is so important to become involved and know what is going on . As you can tell I am for McCain and Palin. I have been drawn to McCain because I generally like his idea's, and his character. I must admit that I too was a little bit concerned about his age even though my hubby keeps telling me that he is his age and he could handle it.
I have never been as impresses as I was when he introduced Sandra Palin " I beleive that she will give the job her all and make a very good Vice President. I get a little diheartened when I hear the news making statements that with five kids she won't be able to handle it. I think that is grossly unfair . but I think she will let them know otherwise.
Lets be real" Do they not realize that there are nannies who help out in situations like these. Anyway I am anxous to hear more about Sara Palin.
Now I am off to watch the news and keep track of the upcomming storm. Take care Everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September already???

Gee I don't know where the time goes any more. My daughter informed me that I haden't made any entries lately so will try and correct that now.
Tomorrow we are taking my hubby in for a knee surjury so that he can hopefully stop going through a lot of pain. He tore a ligiment this summer just walking the dog. Getting old is for the birds. Anyway we have been put on hold for a lot of things waiting to get this done. If this works they are going to look into his other knee next.

I am back to work for the school district and that has been keeping me busy. They have something they do every year called a secret pal program. You sign up and fill out a paper letting them know what your favorite color is, your hobbies , likes and dislikes. Then they will have a drawing and pair you up with someone else as a secret pal. you know who your pal is but they do not know who you are. Each month you leave some little surprise in their school mail box and at the end of the year you get to meet them. One of the girls in the kitchen that I work with has done this several times and was complaining that no one else from the kitchen participated soooooooo I said I would. It should be interesting. I have already started. we were at wallmart today and they had already put out the halloween things. I found two adorable halloween candle holders so that will be my october gift.

We are also waiting to see what hurricane Hanna is going to do. If she decided to hit North carolina we could get wet! Hopefully she will skirt right on past us. This is the worst part of the season for the hurricanes. After this month it should start calming down as the ocean waters cool off.

I have been working on the infimas grandmothers flower garden quilt so it is growing , and along with that I have started an applique square of four hearts and some smaller hearts joined with vines. If it turns out I will post a picture later.

Have also been working on suduko puzzles. Do any of you do these? I swear when I was in Spokane this summer my daughter mentioned it and I told her that I had tried one earlier and just could not figure the darn things out. Wellllllll my little eight year old granddaughter happened to be sitting at the table and said Grandma Linda I can teach you how to do them". Wellllllllllllll I thought" IF she can do these then by gosh I can! so she proceeded to teach me how. I have been hooked ever since! These really are quite fun too do! I have them all over the place including in my bag. They come in very handy at the doctors office and anywhere else you are caught waiting.
Take care untill next time. Linda

Friday, August 22, 2008

Vacations over""""""""""

Well my summer vacation is just about over with" we return to work monday. Can't say that I am looking forward to working in a hot kitchen when the temps are in the eighties and nineties.

On a brighter note I am still addicted to working on the grandmothers flower garden.

Have wanted to get out and play around in my garden but the chiggers have been sooooooo bad this year that they are eatting me alive. They seem to like some people better then others. Hubby can be outside all day long and they don't even attempt to bite him. Now let me stick my nose out the door and they have bitten me all over my body. And anyone that knows anything about chiggers knows that they itch for a good week afterwards. It is as bad as getting caught up in poisin ivy. One of my friends from work said she sprays herself with off and that seems to keep them away so I will have to give that a try.

My daughter called and told me that my granddaughter is gaining weight Yessssssssssss we are so happy for her! She is such a cute little thing. Can you tell I am a proud granny? She sent me this picture of her the other day . This is a doll that I made for her two sisters before her, its one of those topsy turvy dolls that has a dolls head at each end, anyway she says that Kaitlin dosen't want to let go of it. She has a very good grip on it for her age. So now that she is getting to the age where she is noticing things I was standing in line at wallmart and this cute little baby doll just jumped into my cart! Hubby asked where that came from and I told him I didn't know it was just there. He said yeah it just jumped in all by itself right? Hmmmmm wonders upon wonders. Anyway it is on the way to my sweet little grandbaby as we speak.

Well I had better go get some breakfast as the tea I drank this morning is wearing thin. take care untill next time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you rememeber Creamsicles?

I ran into a recipe on one of my sewing forums the other day and decided I would give it a try. The man who gave the recipe says he would refund the ingredients if we didn't like it. well there is absolutely nooooooooo chance of that! Let me tell you if you liked the creamsicles you are going to love this one!

Creamsickle Salad1 small sugar free orange jello1 cup boiling water1 small sugar free instant white chocolate pudding mix1 can mandarin oranges8 oz. cool whip1/3 cup sour creamDissolve jello in boiling water, add juice from oranges. Let cool. Stir in pudding to dissolve then add oranges. Fold in cool whip and sour cream.I am diabetic so I get the oranges in their own syrup and feel I can partake of this delicious salad without too much harm.If you don't like this salad I will refund twice what you paid for the recipe......

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Week"

This has been a really crazzy week. Babysat Hubbies great grandsons tuesday for twelve hours " that was a very long day. In case you have never tried it three year old twins can reallyyyyyyy keep you hopping. what one isen't thinking the other one is. You have to be come a mind reader to keep track of them.

Wednsday we had to take hubby into Greenville to an orthapedic specialist , thursday we got to relax and friday was Granddaughter Ashleys wedding rehearsal. I offered to press the tablecloths for the reception hall at the church. I think there were about twenty of them. Has anyone ever tried to press tablecloths on a flat table. welllllllllllll let me tell you the wrinkles were not comming out and these table clothes were three times as big as the table. soooooooooooo Hubby and Grandson Steven offered to run home and get my ironing board and iron so I finally managed to get them done by ten thirty last nite. Today its off to the wedding at the beach. She is haveing a relaxed wedding at the beach a veryyyyyyyyyy relaxed wedding. she said to be sure and wear flip flops because the sand at the beach this time of year is sooooooooo hot it will burn your feet if you wear shoes. Hubby and I have decided to wear caprees and shorts along with hawaain shirts as it is supposed to be a hawaain theme. They are only haveing a quick ceremony there because she has always wanted to be married on the beach and then its back to the church for the reception. It is supposed to rain and storm today so hopefully we will miss it. at least for the wedding.

Upon arriveing home last nite I found the sweetest picture of my Darling Grandbabies in Spokane whom I miss terriably. They are holding the pillow cases that I made and sent to them after arriving home from there last month. Check out those smiles ! Don't it just make you wanna pinch their little cheeks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time flys

Well since I have been home " It seems like time just flys by. There seems to be more then enough to keep me occupied. In fact I wonder where I will find the time to accomplish it all. I need a couple of more hands .

In the past couple of days I have managed to get three more of the Grandmother blocks finished so something is getting done. Besides that I have been out in my garden pulling weeds .(where do they all come from???????) Then I have managed to tear my sewing room apart once again. I envy people that have huge sewing rooms to store all their stuff. it must be soooooooo nice. Mine is on the small side and every nook and cranny is filled. you would think that this would prevent me from purchasing more fabric but alasssssss I think I am addicted. I purchased one of those three drawer plastic chests at wally world and just managed to squeese in into a corner. That cleaned up all the fabric that was stacked in piles on the floor. Now I am thinking maybe I could get one more and stack it on top. I am soooooooooooo bad! What I really need to do is start using some of this which means I need to get off this computer and get busy. Ohhhhhhhh will add the three blocks that I finished this week so that you can see " I am manageing to get something done to show for my time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week after vacation

Well Its been a week since I left Spokane and returned home again. While I was there I visited my girlfriend Judy in her new retirement complex. Very interesting place" She was in the process of teaching some of the women there how to make a Grandmothers Flower Garden. Now I have started one years ago and it is stuffed away somewhere with other unfinished blocks but since I was there I thought why not start one again and it would give me something to work on in the plane. This has been keeping me very occupied in the evenings when I watch t.v. It has solved to problems for me. I am usually snacking while watching t.v. and right now have started on a low carb diet so this is keeping me busy and my mind off of snacking and it is creating some beautifull blocks. The first one is completed so will give you a little preview.

The other think I have been working on is a pin cushion I found while searching the net on the better homes and garden site. I thought this was sooooooooo cute. so I finished it this morning for an addition to my gift box. I already have someone in mind but will not mention any names in case she happens to visit here and see this post.

It won't be long before I have to go back to work as school starts back in the end of August so I am going to try and get as much as I can done between now and then.

If you have read my previous posts you know that I am looking for a picture of a lizzard " I still have yet too see one. I wonder if they tend to disspapear when it gets hot. Its been in the ninties here last week so maybe once it starts cooling down I will be able to get that picture. I sure hope so as I hate dissapointing my granddaughter. Well I am back to the kitchen in my quest for the perfect body. I am going to make some low carb meatballs. Take care and will hopefully be back soon.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Great Trip""""""""'

Just returned home from a three week trip with my lovely grandkids. There are four of them and boy are they cute! There is Daniel he is the oldest and already turning into a ladies man, then there is Kaylee who is going to have to beat the boys away with a stick very soon and who also loves bugs! She has this little bug house and was collecting bugs the whole time I was there. And then there is Kristina" She is the little one not only is she smart but she is the sentimental one. She also loves bugs and I have promised to send her a picture of one of our N.C. lizzards which are normally everywhere you walk. wouldn't you know that just because I promised her a picture they are all hiding from me. Then there is the newest arrival Kaitlin" She is just too cute. Can't tell much about her personality yet " other then the fact that she is beginning to be hooked on car racing with her daddy. When I arrived at the airport the kids had made a sign to welcome me and they were all holding it up for me to see"

Friday, July 4, 2008

Baby Kaitlin Project

Boy you can sure tell I am new at this blogging bussiness. I had a post about my daughter and how she was expecting little kaitlin and she and I had decided to create a baby quilt for her together. and believe it or not I pulled up that partiqular day because I had added these cute little blinking cats to the post and they had somehow multiplied. wellllllll I deleted them and went back to look at the post and guess what? The story about how we had gotten together to create this quilt and the picture of this quilt were gone along with the cats. sooooooooooo here I am again. My daughter kerrie designed the quilt and picked out the fabrics and sent them too me since I live clear across the u.s. from her and I put them together for her. I am including a picture once again. Guess I am going to have to be more carefull about how I delete.

4th of July

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy 4th" And thought I might post a few more pictures of things I have completed in fabric Hence the name N.C. Fabric Junkie lols

Thought I would post a couple of different bags I have made. There is something so internal about searching for the perfect bag! I love bags the way most women love shoes. Lazzy girl designs have come out with some really cute bags that are easy to construct. I am also so thrilled with all the vidios out now that walk your through everything" It is so great to watch it being constructed right before your eyes. I am one of those people that likes to see the object in front of me" Not much of a pattern type person so all the tutorials are great too.

Another thing I love making are quilts"This one is still on my design wall. One of my problems is that I am always finding new patterns that i want to try before I finish the old ones. so like many other quilters I have several unfinished projects. I have only recently began trying to finish up some of the unfinished projects. One is this table runner which I have down to the stitching of the binding in the back. almost finishedddddddddd. In fact that is probably what I should be doing right now. You all take care and have a great holliday.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Life is Beautifull"

Just wandering around my gardens today thinking that I really need to start dragging out my suitcases to pack . Thought I would leave a picture of the flowers I picked. They always make my day" Hope they will add a little bit of sunshine too yours as well"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What a day!

Don't you just love it when things happen that you haden't planned on" We went to wallmart today to get a few groceries and came home with a big screen t.v. I cannot beleive how much more work it was to carry it in and put together a unit to set it up. Not like grannys old t.v.

I think we are both going to enjoy it though.

Wish I could say that I managed to accomplish a lot of other things today but I am afraid that is the excitement for today. I am however going to post the best picture of alllllll!!!!!!!!!!! My daughter gave me another beautifull grandchild on the 18th of May so she sent a picture of all four of the kids together. I think this is going to be my favorite at least for this year!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Beautifull Day"

Its me again bet you thought I disapeared" Not a chance " I have this lovely little bug in my ear by the name of kerrie" Shes my lovely daughter and she is a good reminder that I need to make a post every so often. She is feeling responsible because she was the one who helped me set this up. So I guess I had better let you know what is going on today. I have been working on two dresses for the latest granddaughter and searching the net for easy patterns to take with me when I fly to spokane in a few day that I can sit down with my grandkids and let them sew!

I think it will be great fun. Have already promised my grandson that we shall cook some great dishes. With all of this going on " I want to be able to get my hands on the new grandbaby and I have come up with a great idea".My daughter has created a sling to carry her in and I am thinking that maybe I could just wear that sling myself and still keep up with the other kids. Did I mention that she is a breast fed baby? Wellllllllll I wonder if she will notice that I am not mommy????

We are on the count down for the trip so have been checking out all the current rules for flying. My girlfriend who is going with me as she has family in spokane also so we thought it would be great if we could both fly together. Anyway she sends me an article on how they are not taking care of the airplanes and all the things that can go wrong. I wrote back and explained to her that we will be soooooo much safer in a plane then we would be in a car that the statistics are in our favor by a huge margin. She wrote back and said she wasen't really worried anyway. ha she was too! I am going to have to stay awake on the flight to keep her occupied I can tell" and this is only my second flight. I kind of enjoyed sitting by the window and watching us leave the ground the last time. It was equally exciting to watch us decending. It is really amazing when you stop and think about this hugeeeeeee heavy airplane flying in the air . It still blows my mind how this is accomplished.

Did I tell you that we have an adopted three legged dog we call tripod? Well we also have a guiennie and the guiennie and the dog have become good friends. They jump all over each other the dog gets the guiennie down on the ground untill you think that he is killing the poor thing and then about the time you can't hold your breath any longer he lets the guiennie up and then its the guiennies turn. He comes at the dog wings and all and jumps all over him. If anyone witnessed these two they would think they were killing each other (we did the first time we saw it) but they are actually playing together. We take the dog for a walk every nite up the driveway to the mailbox. we live on two acres so its a block or so to the mailbox and the highway. The guiennie has taken to walking with us. People are amazed to see him walking along with us like another dog. He dosen't seem to realize that he isen't a dog so all goes well.

O.k. I had better go figure out what to fix for dinner and hopefully get back here soon with some more news. ohhhhhhhh will include a picture of hubby , dog ( tripod) and (pretty boy ) our guiennie. Now anyone that has ever seen a guinnie up close knows that is the furthest thing from the truth but he likes the name so it is what I use.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Patchwork bag"

Hi guys I am back again" Have been busy around here watering plants, cooking , sewing and all the normal things one does durring the day. We have had some excitement today as the lot up in front of us has sold and they moved a home onto it today. We were amazed as the house took up most of the lot. I don't think they are going to have any yard left at all. The piece they are on is 1/4 of an acre but the back part which is in front of us is a creek so it dosen't leave them anything for a yard. There are two other homes down here as we are in a bit of a culdesack I guess you could call it. We are on two acres so have plenty of room for yard and garden. I believe the other two have the same. I have been doing something today other then watching them move in the new home. I managed to get a bag made. A friend of mine (thank you Char) shared her pattern with me . That seems to be about all I have managed to get done today. I had planned on going in and getting something done with my hair but I guess that will have to wait. maybe tomorrow.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Life is Good!

We have started picking tomatoes and cukecumbers from the garden " I love this time of year!I swear that for about two or three months out of the year hubby and I live off of sliced tomatoes and cukecumbers. This year we have added cantelope, and watermellon to the list. Our zuchinni isen't producking yet but it should be soon. Have you ever deepfired zuchinnie??????? ohh you haven't lived untill you try that one. Just slice up your zuchinni dip them in egg and milk then dip it into flour with a little ceyanne pepper and garlic powder added then back into the egg and milk mixture again. Deep fry it untill golden brown yummmmmmmmmm

Friday, June 20, 2008

watermellon pickle recipe

Just received permission to post this recipe from the lady that gave them too me from one of my groups here goes: If any of you get them made before i do" please let me know how they turned out.

Rind of 1/2 melon,
Cut off skin and pink part, then cut in small pieces.
Soak overnight in salt water (1 tbsp salt to 1 qt water)
Make syrup of 2 cups vinegar, 2 cups water, and 4 cups sugar. Add 1 tbsp cinn, 1 tsp allspice and 1 tsp cloves all in a bag. Boil 10 min. Pour over drained melon rind which has been cooking in water until transparent. Pour into hot jars and seal.

Recipes going around in my head:

Did I tell you that I love recipes too! I wish that I could say I have cooked as many as I have collected but alas that is not the case. I did collect one today that I haven,t heard mentioned in years. Watermellon pickles! Will have to go by the store tomorrow and see if I can find some canning jars. will let you know how they turned out once I get them made.

Another one of my hobbies is gardening and today we have been outside working in the yard. will include pics of the veggies. They are getting so close and about the time they start comming on strong I will be flying off to Spokane to visit my daughter and grandkids. My hubby will enjoy them while I am away and I know that he will call me daily with full reports on how yummy they are!.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Granddaughter

For those of you who know me" Know that kerrie is my daughter and that she just gave me the most beautifull granddaughter on the eighteenth of may. So yes sweety I will post a picture of the baby quilt that you designed and I made for her. It was a group effort. The very best kind!