Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happpyyyyyyyyy Easter"""""

I am still aroundddddd""

I knowwwwwww its been forever since I have written in my blog" Besides being terriably busy I have been going through the dulldrums. Just have not been able to get interested in sewing . I usually go through this right after christmas for a short time and then start up again but this is april alreadyyyyyyyyy. This morning I finally jumped out of bed! Welllllllll I kind of crawled out actually buttttt I had a great idea to go make myself a water bottle carrier for when I go out on my walks". I even thought add a pocket for my cell phone just in case I might need a ride home from all that exercise" lols

Right now I am on Spring vacation so am enjoying being home. Yestarday one of the grandsons showed up and so I cooked and baked beer bread and lemon cake. Between steven and hubby they can finish off a pan of beerbread between them almost in one sitting. Then I went outside and watered my flowerbeds as things are really popping up. Then hubby tilled up the garden patch where we are planting strawberries this year. We decided to plant our tomatoes in hanging pots as our green peppers that we planted last year did so well in them. The strawberries are not in the ground and already looking good. He is out there plowing up an area to put in some cukes and some squash so I guess I should get dressed and get out there before the sun gets too hot. Its been in the eighties this weekend. My darling daughter went to montana to spend easter with her dad and she sent me a picture of the mountains there with all the snow. guess this hot spell isen't so bad after all. Hopefully I will get back into sewing and have more to report soon. Take care and God Bless"