Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back injury

Just wanted to stop by so that everyone dosen't think that I have forgotten about my blogg. I slipped at work last week and have been knocked out on pain pills ever since well almost ever since. I did go back to work out the rest of the week with a back brace type of thing on and made it through thursday and friday. I thought that being home this weekend might do the trick but got up again this morning and still not doing any better. Poor hubby had to help with the laundry as I can't seem to bend down to pick anything up. I did manage to fold and hang the clothes and even peeled potatoes so that he could make his famous clam chowder. Hubbies grandson steven is comming by this afternoon and we haven't seen him for several weeks. Since he has gone off to school we don't get to see him very often. He only gets back home about once every couple of months. so I will wait and go to the doctor tomorrow and see what they suggest. hopefully they can do something with me. I am hoping that all I did was twist something.
O.k. will be back later and hopefully be able to post some pics for you. take care Linda

Monday, September 8, 2008

Secret Pal"""""""""

Not sure if I have mentioned it before or not but I work for the school district. I work in the kitchen preparing meals for the kids. Anyway Our school has a secret Pal program each year and this year I decided to get involved due to some nudging along from one of the girls I work with. She claims that the kitchen staff are all fuddy duddies and nobody gets involved in anything sooooooooooo far be it for me to let someone call me a name like fuddy duddy! Anyway I drew the name of the bookkeeper so have been busy getting things to gether to put into her mail box or on her desk. We fill out a questionier explaining what are hobbies are, favorite smells, candy, ect. We give them something on the hollidays, on their wedding anniversary, hollidays and at least once a month. So I have a bag of goodies for october.

October is an easy one but now I need to find something for this month. I am thinking this could get to be fun! Nowwwwwwwwww I wonder who has my name????????????

Friday, September 5, 2008

That time of year again!

Hope everyone is paying attention to the election information. No matter who you decide on or what group you want to go with" I think it is so important to become involved and know what is going on . As you can tell I am for McCain and Palin. I have been drawn to McCain because I generally like his idea's, and his character. I must admit that I too was a little bit concerned about his age even though my hubby keeps telling me that he is his age and he could handle it.
I have never been as impresses as I was when he introduced Sandra Palin " I beleive that she will give the job her all and make a very good Vice President. I get a little diheartened when I hear the news making statements that with five kids she won't be able to handle it. I think that is grossly unfair . but I think she will let them know otherwise.
Lets be real" Do they not realize that there are nannies who help out in situations like these. Anyway I am anxous to hear more about Sara Palin.
Now I am off to watch the news and keep track of the upcomming storm. Take care Everyone!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

September already???

Gee I don't know where the time goes any more. My daughter informed me that I haden't made any entries lately so will try and correct that now.
Tomorrow we are taking my hubby in for a knee surjury so that he can hopefully stop going through a lot of pain. He tore a ligiment this summer just walking the dog. Getting old is for the birds. Anyway we have been put on hold for a lot of things waiting to get this done. If this works they are going to look into his other knee next.

I am back to work for the school district and that has been keeping me busy. They have something they do every year called a secret pal program. You sign up and fill out a paper letting them know what your favorite color is, your hobbies , likes and dislikes. Then they will have a drawing and pair you up with someone else as a secret pal. you know who your pal is but they do not know who you are. Each month you leave some little surprise in their school mail box and at the end of the year you get to meet them. One of the girls in the kitchen that I work with has done this several times and was complaining that no one else from the kitchen participated soooooooo I said I would. It should be interesting. I have already started. we were at wallmart today and they had already put out the halloween things. I found two adorable halloween candle holders so that will be my october gift.

We are also waiting to see what hurricane Hanna is going to do. If she decided to hit North carolina we could get wet! Hopefully she will skirt right on past us. This is the worst part of the season for the hurricanes. After this month it should start calming down as the ocean waters cool off.

I have been working on the infimas grandmothers flower garden quilt so it is growing , and along with that I have started an applique square of four hearts and some smaller hearts joined with vines. If it turns out I will post a picture later.

Have also been working on suduko puzzles. Do any of you do these? I swear when I was in Spokane this summer my daughter mentioned it and I told her that I had tried one earlier and just could not figure the darn things out. Wellllllll my little eight year old granddaughter happened to be sitting at the table and said Grandma Linda I can teach you how to do them". Wellllllllllllll I thought" IF she can do these then by gosh I can! so she proceeded to teach me how. I have been hooked ever since! These really are quite fun too do! I have them all over the place including in my bag. They come in very handy at the doctors office and anywhere else you are caught waiting.
Take care untill next time. Linda