Saturday, February 12, 2011

pictures from last post.

saturday the 12th of feb.

Just a few words to let you know I am still around. Have been busy doing laundry today and baking bread. Found a new bread recipe on one of the many blogs I am always searching through. Baked four loaves much to my hubbys glee" Did I mention that he is a bread lover" And in between I managed to finish one of my stitcheries that I started some time ago.
Right now I am getting ready to go to a church valentines dinner tonite. They are supposed to have some music for us too so it should be fun. Thats about all that is going on right now. I knowwwwwww not much excitement but I kind of like it that way. lols Excitement can be reallyyyyyy over rated.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Just finished making another mugmat and I bought two cute cups filled with candy for the perfect valentine gifts.
Last nite I was up late making chocholate peanut butter candies for my grandkids and daughter and son in law in Spokane. Had planned to send them candy at christmastime but as with all christmases time seems to get away with you" so valentines day seems like a good day to make up for it.

As for my previous post on the potatoe bags I am one potatoe bag short well two actually. one was sent to my daughter and the other one my hubby managed to burn up in the microwave along with the microwave. He baked a potatoe which turned out beautifully and then he managed to set the potatoe bag on a wet counter and decided that he could simply throw the empty bag into the microwave and dry it"Mennnnnnnn! well he smelled something burning and when he came into the kitchen both the microwave and the bag had burned sooooooo I wound up with a newer and better microwave. much more powerfull one. Now lets hope that I have him convinced to use the dryer to dry things instead of the microwaveeeee.

Haven't decided what to work on next. Ohhhhhhh I did order a new book that has come out called scrap basket sensations thanks to my friend maria who sent me the picture of the book. It looks interesting so hopefully it will be". I am not buying nearly as many books as I once did because I find that usually there is only one or two patterns in the book that I want to make. Seems to be the same thing with quilt magazines but for some reason I can't seem to resist a couple of monthly subscriptions of those. O.k. enough talk" I am off to check some of the blogs for some more inspiration" .

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh I almost forgot" My daughter called and she goes in for her ultrasound on valentines day so hopefully we will have an idea whether we are going to have a boy or a girl. yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!