Sunday, October 12, 2008

October 12

Where does all the time go too? I swear this afternoon I was looking at my calander and noticed that my old friend from Paris was going to have her birthday on the thirteenth so since it was sunday and my rates are free on sunday" I decided to take adavantage of that and call her. welllllllllll guess what. I somehow had the wrong date and her birthday was actually today. How lucky was that!

That is the only thing bad about living here where it is virtually summer just about all the time. I do miss my daughter and my grandkids soooooooo badly. and I also miss my old friends.

Well yestarday I managed to get a little bit of sewing done. I made two doll quilt tops. My youngest granddaughter is growing like a weed and she already has shown a compensity for dolls so I thought why not get them started. I am going to fold these up and get them put away to finish at a later date. In the meantime I am working on a square in a square lap quilt to surprise my little sister with when I go back to Spokane next summer.
I have been seeing a physical therapist this past week since my accident at work and it has really helped. This is the first time I have been off of muscle relaxers and pain pills. I was soooooooo worried that I would wind up with another back surjury. Some wonder why I am working at a job where I have to lift heavy boxes. welllllllllllll I want to be able to fly back every summer to spend time with my darling daughter and my grandkids so I had to find a job that gave me summers off and I am afraid those are in short supply. Anyway I am very thankfull that I am once again on the mend.

Sunday, October 5, 2008


Do any of you have the same problem that I have with coasters? I love using them but if I make them out of material they tend to get dirty very quickly and if I put the clear plastic over the top the glasses seem to stick to the plastic. wellllllllll when I happened to be in wallmarts fabric dept. the other day " I was looking at the long rolls of plastic and fabric for making table cloths. I got too thinking (something I rarely do): and it came to me that these would make perfect coasters! So I purchase 1/4 yard which only cost me less then a dollar to try it out. I cut out squares of the tablecloth fabric , squares of the cotton fabric for the backing and quares of fleece or batting whichever you use and layed them face to face with the fleece on the bottom and stitched around them leaving a hole to turn rightside out. then I went around them once again once they were turned. These are going to work perfectly! they can simply be wiped clean ! Can you tell that it dosen't take much to excite me? (must be my age) lols


Well for some strange reason my cat didn't get added to the mix. Most likely something I did or didn't do so will add her now. where there is a will there is a way!


Decided that I had better take some pictures as promised yestarday. It is so easy to get busy and forget about this blogg. These are the books I made for granddaughter kristina and the little musical frog baby I got her. She has to have a frog! Also a little chrocheted hat that I made for her before she was born. If I don't get it sent off it will be too small for her.

Next are the grandmothers flower garden blocks. These things are sooooooooo addicting. I love this part of them but am not looking forward to putting them all together .

And last are my square in a square blocks" these too are addictive! I loveeeeeee scrap quilts there is just something so interesting about them" they are so unplanned. I have never been one for purchasing a certain amount of planned fabrics for a quilt" To me it is just boring to use the same fabric over and over. Now this dosen't mean that I don't love seeing the finished products " I just don't enjoy working on them.

And last but not least is my cat" She loves being around to watch what I am doing. At one time she would have been right in the middle of all those flowers as I was laying them out! But these days she is content just watching.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

bag for christmas gift

Still not feeling great and have been put on muscle relaxers and pain pills. Have returned to work and back to lifting. I go into physical therapy monday so hopefully that will help too. Not sure if the pills are covering up the pain while I am working as I tend to feel it the next morning before taking the next round. I have been accomplishing things here and there though. several more flower garden blocks. will take pics later and pin cushions. I made one for myself and one for my daughter

Also a bag for one of my girlfriends christmas gifts and then two bags that I made for my granddaughters. Have been working on some cloth christmas books for newest granddaughter Kaitlin. They should be finished this weekend and on the way to her in Washington.

The weather is beginning to cool down here in North Carolina. We are enjoying the cooler temperatures. But thankfull that we are not having snow to deal with. Between hubby and myself it would be a huge problem to have to shovel white stuff these days.

Oh I almost forgot. we went to the local fair yestarday after work. It was fun as we saw all the animals and are considering getting some chickens for our back yard. The quilts were a dissapointment. There were only about five of them and they were someones older grandmothers quilts. Evidently there is not a lot of people interested in quilting here in this warm climate. On a brighter note the funnel cakes were great! Not that either one of us needed the caleries. lols
O.k. I am off to go watch americas most wanted. Hope everyone has a great week!