Friday, August 22, 2008

Vacations over""""""""""

Well my summer vacation is just about over with" we return to work monday. Can't say that I am looking forward to working in a hot kitchen when the temps are in the eighties and nineties.

On a brighter note I am still addicted to working on the grandmothers flower garden.

Have wanted to get out and play around in my garden but the chiggers have been sooooooo bad this year that they are eatting me alive. They seem to like some people better then others. Hubby can be outside all day long and they don't even attempt to bite him. Now let me stick my nose out the door and they have bitten me all over my body. And anyone that knows anything about chiggers knows that they itch for a good week afterwards. It is as bad as getting caught up in poisin ivy. One of my friends from work said she sprays herself with off and that seems to keep them away so I will have to give that a try.

My daughter called and told me that my granddaughter is gaining weight Yessssssssssss we are so happy for her! She is such a cute little thing. Can you tell I am a proud granny? She sent me this picture of her the other day . This is a doll that I made for her two sisters before her, its one of those topsy turvy dolls that has a dolls head at each end, anyway she says that Kaitlin dosen't want to let go of it. She has a very good grip on it for her age. So now that she is getting to the age where she is noticing things I was standing in line at wallmart and this cute little baby doll just jumped into my cart! Hubby asked where that came from and I told him I didn't know it was just there. He said yeah it just jumped in all by itself right? Hmmmmm wonders upon wonders. Anyway it is on the way to my sweet little grandbaby as we speak.

Well I had better go get some breakfast as the tea I drank this morning is wearing thin. take care untill next time.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Do you rememeber Creamsicles?

I ran into a recipe on one of my sewing forums the other day and decided I would give it a try. The man who gave the recipe says he would refund the ingredients if we didn't like it. well there is absolutely nooooooooo chance of that! Let me tell you if you liked the creamsicles you are going to love this one!

Creamsickle Salad1 small sugar free orange jello1 cup boiling water1 small sugar free instant white chocolate pudding mix1 can mandarin oranges8 oz. cool whip1/3 cup sour creamDissolve jello in boiling water, add juice from oranges. Let cool. Stir in pudding to dissolve then add oranges. Fold in cool whip and sour cream.I am diabetic so I get the oranges in their own syrup and feel I can partake of this delicious salad without too much harm.If you don't like this salad I will refund twice what you paid for the recipe......

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Busy Week"

This has been a really crazzy week. Babysat Hubbies great grandsons tuesday for twelve hours " that was a very long day. In case you have never tried it three year old twins can reallyyyyyyy keep you hopping. what one isen't thinking the other one is. You have to be come a mind reader to keep track of them.

Wednsday we had to take hubby into Greenville to an orthapedic specialist , thursday we got to relax and friday was Granddaughter Ashleys wedding rehearsal. I offered to press the tablecloths for the reception hall at the church. I think there were about twenty of them. Has anyone ever tried to press tablecloths on a flat table. welllllllllllll let me tell you the wrinkles were not comming out and these table clothes were three times as big as the table. soooooooooooo Hubby and Grandson Steven offered to run home and get my ironing board and iron so I finally managed to get them done by ten thirty last nite. Today its off to the wedding at the beach. She is haveing a relaxed wedding at the beach a veryyyyyyyyyy relaxed wedding. she said to be sure and wear flip flops because the sand at the beach this time of year is sooooooooo hot it will burn your feet if you wear shoes. Hubby and I have decided to wear caprees and shorts along with hawaain shirts as it is supposed to be a hawaain theme. They are only haveing a quick ceremony there because she has always wanted to be married on the beach and then its back to the church for the reception. It is supposed to rain and storm today so hopefully we will miss it. at least for the wedding.

Upon arriveing home last nite I found the sweetest picture of my Darling Grandbabies in Spokane whom I miss terriably. They are holding the pillow cases that I made and sent to them after arriving home from there last month. Check out those smiles ! Don't it just make you wanna pinch their little cheeks!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Time flys

Well since I have been home " It seems like time just flys by. There seems to be more then enough to keep me occupied. In fact I wonder where I will find the time to accomplish it all. I need a couple of more hands .

In the past couple of days I have managed to get three more of the Grandmother blocks finished so something is getting done. Besides that I have been out in my garden pulling weeds .(where do they all come from???????) Then I have managed to tear my sewing room apart once again. I envy people that have huge sewing rooms to store all their stuff. it must be soooooooo nice. Mine is on the small side and every nook and cranny is filled. you would think that this would prevent me from purchasing more fabric but alasssssss I think I am addicted. I purchased one of those three drawer plastic chests at wally world and just managed to squeese in into a corner. That cleaned up all the fabric that was stacked in piles on the floor. Now I am thinking maybe I could get one more and stack it on top. I am soooooooooooo bad! What I really need to do is start using some of this which means I need to get off this computer and get busy. Ohhhhhhhh will add the three blocks that I finished this week so that you can see " I am manageing to get something done to show for my time.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week after vacation

Well Its been a week since I left Spokane and returned home again. While I was there I visited my girlfriend Judy in her new retirement complex. Very interesting place" She was in the process of teaching some of the women there how to make a Grandmothers Flower Garden. Now I have started one years ago and it is stuffed away somewhere with other unfinished blocks but since I was there I thought why not start one again and it would give me something to work on in the plane. This has been keeping me very occupied in the evenings when I watch t.v. It has solved to problems for me. I am usually snacking while watching t.v. and right now have started on a low carb diet so this is keeping me busy and my mind off of snacking and it is creating some beautifull blocks. The first one is completed so will give you a little preview.

The other think I have been working on is a pin cushion I found while searching the net on the better homes and garden site. I thought this was sooooooooo cute. so I finished it this morning for an addition to my gift box. I already have someone in mind but will not mention any names in case she happens to visit here and see this post.

It won't be long before I have to go back to work as school starts back in the end of August so I am going to try and get as much as I can done between now and then.

If you have read my previous posts you know that I am looking for a picture of a lizzard " I still have yet too see one. I wonder if they tend to disspapear when it gets hot. Its been in the ninties here last week so maybe once it starts cooling down I will be able to get that picture. I sure hope so as I hate dissapointing my granddaughter. Well I am back to the kitchen in my quest for the perfect body. I am going to make some low carb meatballs. Take care and will hopefully be back soon.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Great Trip""""""""'

Just returned home from a three week trip with my lovely grandkids. There are four of them and boy are they cute! There is Daniel he is the oldest and already turning into a ladies man, then there is Kaylee who is going to have to beat the boys away with a stick very soon and who also loves bugs! She has this little bug house and was collecting bugs the whole time I was there. And then there is Kristina" She is the little one not only is she smart but she is the sentimental one. She also loves bugs and I have promised to send her a picture of one of our N.C. lizzards which are normally everywhere you walk. wouldn't you know that just because I promised her a picture they are all hiding from me. Then there is the newest arrival Kaitlin" She is just too cute. Can't tell much about her personality yet " other then the fact that she is beginning to be hooked on car racing with her daddy. When I arrived at the airport the kids had made a sign to welcome me and they were all holding it up for me to see"