Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th

Well I managed to make it through another christmas" This used to be my most favorite time of year but being so far away from the little ones drives me crazzy! Kerrie sends me pics of the little ones opening their gifts and it helps but it would be soooo much better seeing them in person.
Kerrie sent me a picture of the baby wearing someones boots. she is such a stinker and has a persoanlity alllll her own.
The second picture is one of our little darling feeding her little cousin a bottle. would you believe her cousin is a year younger then she is? The first year of her life they went round and round and could not figure out why she was so tiny. And to this day they still don't know . she is perfectly healthy but is just tiny. So needless to say everyone spoils her crazzyyyyyyyyyy you just can't help it! We all love babies and she was a late unexpected gift to Kerrie and Bryan and she has made all of us soooooooo happy.

The other picture is one of two of the other grandchildren making christmas cookies. the other picture is of my grandson making cookies. and here is a picture of another one of my granddaughters She is growing up soooooooo fast as all of them are. I wish that we could keep them little forever. Nahhhhhhhh not really I am glad they are growing up to be such great kids.

As most of you know who follow my blogg we are living in North Carolina to be next to my hubbies son and grandkids and great grandsons. To make a long story short both hubby and his son have serious heart problems and I agreed to move here so that they could spend some time together.

The last picture is of the twins the great grandsons. Now of course you realize that all these posts will be backwards. for some reason I have yet to figure out why the last picture I post ends up being the first one at the top of the page.

Today I finally got back on my treadmill for a whole twenty minutes. But heyyyy it is a start. I have eatten wayyyyy too much of my own cooking. I have always been a pumpkin pie fan and since we have lived down here" I have been told that sweet potatoe pie is much better. wellllllllll I finally made some for christmas this year and I have to admit that I am a convert. I have also eatten wayyyyyyyy too much of the candy I made for the girls at work and the grandkids here.

Normally I do a lot of sewing and quilting but lately I seem to be going through withdrawls from my sewing room. I did manage to finish another doll quilt for the baby which will go in the mail soon. Maybe I will get back into it soon. All I can think about lately is just relaxing before I have to go back to work. Well its getting late here so I had better close for now. Take care everyone untill we meet again.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

I knowwww its been a hectic time of year and I should be spending more time bloging but with christmas on the horizon it seems like my time is completely taken up. I thought I would post just to let you know that I am still around and haven't deserted you completely.
This past week has been parties at work and now I have a glorious two weeks off from work which I am very excited about. I had to laugh because most of the teachers looked like they were ready to check into a funny farm so I am certain they will enjoy this time off too!
Not a lot of sewing going on lately. I did manage to sew another doll quilt for the little one and an apron. Her mother is supposed to send me a picture of her wearing the apron so when she does I will get that posted.
This is such a busy time of year. It seems like there are things going on every where you turn. I absolutely hate shopping this time of year. Every place is sooooooo crowded.
This week we had a sad note " we had to attend a funeral for my husbands oldest friend. He has been fighting cancer for the past four years and he finally gave up and is in a far better place. He was a preacher and so the funeral was a long one because of his preacher buddies but actually a very nice one. They all got up and gave a small sermon and talked about how they had met Bob and talked about his life. They had us laughing one minte and crying the next. I swore that I would not attend any more funerals as I have gone through way too many throughout the years and I would rather remember people as they were. But Hubby has not attended many and since he spent so many years in the military he has not had to go to a lot of the people he has lost touch with through the years. ANyway to make a long story short I thought he might need my support so I went.
SPeaking of my husband he is one of these people that are impossible to shop for" He goes out and buys anything he wants when he wants it. Last week he mentioned that he would like to get a brad gun and so I thought yesssssssssssss I will get that for him for christmas. wellllllllllll guess what the very next time we went to town he pulls into lowes and walks out with a brad gun!
Well I headed for sears yestarday to see if there were some new tools I could buy him but stopped off at radio shack instead. I lucked out as he loves electronic gadgets! He has one of these temperture things sitting on the table that reads the inside and outside temps and it went capoot the other day. well they had a newer model with large readouts so I bought that and then they had this new tire gadge that is not shaped like a pen but more like a computer game control and you can actually check your pressure in the dark and it also has large digital readouts. ( what can I say) when you get older these things become veryyyyyy important!
Let see what else is going on" ohhhhhhhhhh we got our kitchen island finished all except the top. We had to have that specially made to fit the island and they called yestarday and it won't be ready for another month. we had originally been told we would have it by christmas but as much as we both have to do yet to get ready for our christmas eve party that is probably a good thing.
Let me tell you" that kitchen island makes such a huge difference in our little kitchen for storage and work space. I loveeeeeeee the extra counter space it gives me. I do a lot of baking so it come's in very handy.
Untill next time" merry christmas too all!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I knowwwww Its been awhile since I have posted. Would love to offer an exscuse but it seems like life just gets in the way and before you know it time is slipping by.

I just had to tell you about where I have been for the last half an hour. Someone on one of my groups posted a site that was all about lefsa. Well being Norwegion i grew up on the stuff and it was such fun to go look it over. They of course have all kinds of different tools to make it but back then my mother made it with nothing more then a ricer and a cast iron frying pan" or when we were at the lake she would make it up on one of those old fashioned wood stoves that you cook on. It brought back lots of memories. For the most part" I loved my norwegion food" with the exception of lutefisk. I was never really fond of the stuff and have not eaten it since I was a kid and had to eat it. soooooooooo many memories.

http://www.lefsetime.com/all_about_lefse/goro_recipe.php Just in case there are any norwegions out there that would love to go see this site.

Lets see what else has been going on. Well we have finally gotten through with most of the remodeling. the walls are painted, the floors have been layed and the carpet is down. We have gotten rid of our dinning room table and chairs and tomorrow we are going to go look for cupboards and hubby is going to create a kitchen island with lots of storage. We need storage soooooo badly. I love to cook and I love to bake so I seem to be forever buying utincils and new pans ect. with no place to put them. Along with the cooking ware there is the grocery issue. Both hubby and I grew up where you always had a full pantry. My mother used to can veggies, deer meat ect. so we always knew that no matter what else happened we sure wouldn't starve. I am the same way except for the canning. Between working ect. I just don't seem to have the time but I still enjoy watching the sales and keeping a full pantry. So all of this extra storage is going to make me a very happy camper.

Can you believe that we are half way through november alreadyyyyyyy this is scary. I need to get busy and get all of my gifts bought so that I can send off the ones that need to be there in time for christmas. I have not been in the mood to do any sewing lately for some odd reason. I seem to go through these moods at least once a year. I just found the cutest bag pattern today that might get my interest renewed again. I did get some wood carving knives from my hubby for my birthday because I would like to try some carving It is called chip carving and I think that I am going to enjoy learing how to do it. I have also been thinking about knitting again. The problem is that I just have to be in the right frame of mind and lately I haven't been able to concentrate on any one thing.
I did find this little doll for my youngest granddaughter. I fell in love with it because of the wings. It reminded me of her halloween costume. I hope she likes it as much as I did" I will send her some baby doll quilts too.
Well I can't think of anything else to report right now" the other day when I thought about posting I had all kinds of things to write about but have lost most of them now. Wellllllllll what do you expect after alllllllllllll I did just turn 60!!! Have a great day!

Friday, October 30, 2009


I forgot to show you the changed version of the tablerunner. I changed some of the blocks and the way they were arranged. I am still not sure I am happy with it but I like it better then the first selection.
And one more thing" I also forgot to show you what I made my secret pal at work for halloween. The snippet bag had halloween candles and candy in it.I am really slippingggggggggg must be old age!

October 30th

Wow the time is still going by much too quickly! Yestarday was my birthday and it seems like I was going constantly. I went to work and the girls at work all gave me birthday gifts , then it was home to more birthday gifts. My daughter suprized me with several fat quarters of fabric which she knows her mama lovessssss! an adorable jar full of buttons and a pin cushion on top which she made with her very own hands! That makes it all the more special!

I had told hubby a few weeks ago that I wanted to get some chip carving knives as I thought I might enjoy learning how to do that. welllllll he ordered a complete set of carving type knives and they really weren't what I needed for the chip carving soooooooooo We wound up ordering a chip carving book and knives and a sharpening stone, so I should have plenty to keep me busy. I will never understand people that say they have nothing to do when they get older. Speaking for myself" I am busier then I ever was. Every time I turn around it seems as if there is something else to do.
I have my witch hung on the door for halloween. I have the makings for some carmeled apples in the kitchen ready to go". Last weekend we were in Nascar country for grandsons graduation from the nascar school. He seemed very happy and we were all happy that he had finally graduated. He has been there since July of 08 so it will be good to see him back home again. We also got to meet his new girlfriend Robin. She seems very nice and they seem very happy together. I am not sure how the move back home will effect things but I am sure they will work things out. where there is a will " there is always a way!. Like I told them " If I can fly three thousand miles every summer to see my family then they can certainly arrange travel for three hundred miles.

Lets see what else is going on" ohhhhhhhh I had a birthday email from one of my best friends in high school. She lives clear across the u.s. from me now and ever since her hubby introduced her to the sale of pet shop she has been swamped with work. I supsect that she is loving it as she has always been an animal lover. I can understand that since I am the same way. I have been working on a table runner and the blocks are all finished but haven't managed to set it together yet.
Welllllll I suppose that is all for now. We are waiting for the kids to come over for my birthday. Dougs son and daughter in law are comming tonite instead of last nite due to work ect. will post again as soon as I can" take care untill then.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

October 10th

This has been a very crazzy last few weeks. Between painting the living room, haveing carpet and vinal put on the floors and health issues for both hubby and me" I am getting very little accomplished. by the time I get home from work and running to doctors and after perscriptions it seems like I head for the easy chair and that is where I remain untill bedtime. Hubby has to get another ultra sound because of swoolen ankels which dosen't sound very good too me. So while I am anxouse to get that one over with" I am worried that it will not be good news too.
My problems have been minor in comparison but irritating none the less. tennis elbow and I injured my shoulder by pulling a muscle at work which seems to have also worked its way down to my back. after being on pain pills and muscle relaxers for the past couple of weeks things are looking better. The tennis elbo required a shot in the elobo along with several weeks of streoids. And I wonder why I just keep getting bigger and bigger. I have to tell you that I am soooooooo sick of steroids.
Hubbies daughter may be arriveing next month. one of her sons is going into the military somewhere not far from us so she plans to visit us while going to his graduation.
Hubbies granson is graduating from automobile school so we are going to drive down and spend the nite in a motel so that we can be there for his graduation and drive back home. He has found himself a girlfriend and seems quite enamored with her. She is a couple of years older then he is and happens to be his boss right now. Should be interesting to watch what happens there.
Is everyone ready for holloween? I have my holloween wall hanging on the front door. around here the sun shines all the time so we hang it on the inside otherwise the sun would eat it up.
Have also been working on a new tablerunner. I saw a quilt on one of the bloggs and decided I could make that into a table runner so I got busy and figured out the pattern.
Well that is about all that is going on in my life at this time. so will leave and hopefully have better news the next time I post.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor day

WEll here it is Labor day and We are sitting at home relaxing. I suppose that is a good thing since it has been raining outside for most of the day.
Lets see what has been going on in my life lately. Ohhhhhhhhh my sweet granddaughter cloe has been staying in touch on the computer" she sent me some recent pics of her and her dad. Her dad is a drummer in a band so she also sent a few of those along too. The picture is of cloe her mom and her dad".

The other picture is of a table runner I am currently working on. I shall add a picture of our son in his band but I am sure it will not be in order" I have yet to figure out how in the world to get the pictures to follow the words. It is just beyond me so bear with me"
My arm seems to be better since they gave me the steroid shot and put me on a series of steroid pills. I am hoping that is going to cure it. Or at least keep it from flaring up again. I dropped one of those huge pans almost at work" I caught it but in the meantime I managed to burn my neck with the corner of it. If its not one thing its another.
Hubby is still pulling up carpet so the new stuff hasen't been delivered yet. will be glad when that mess is out of the way. When part of the house is torn apart I wind up wanting to clean up other area's. My sewing room is the one that is bothering me the most. I have sooooooooo much stuff and sooooooo little room. What I really need to do is go through all of it and keep what I absolutely need and donate the rest to the local quilt group. Hubby promised to build me some shelves in the closet so once he does that! I am going to have to become serious about getting things organized. Can you imagine actually being able to go looking for something and find it without haveing to tear the whole room apart? I found the neatest applique method called Vicki Bellino's No -Fraying Applique tutoiral on the net the other day and while I have seen several methods of freezer paper applique this one was different then the rest. She uses one of those tiny little irons and my hubby bought me one years ago for christmas. He was soooooo proud of himself for finding it himself and I didn't have the heart to hurt his feelings but I was thinking what will I ever use it for. wellllllllll let me tell you it has been tucked away inside a little pocket pouch on my ironing board all these years and nowwwwwwwwwww when I actually had a use for it" Do you think I could finddddddd it! noooooooooo I had moved it in one of my rare moments . I apprently thought I had a better place for it. welllllllll I tore the room apart for the better part of two days and when I finally found it " I could have kicked myself! What it boils down tooooooooo is I need some organizationnnn around here.
With that in mind I went to michaels the other day " They have me addicted because of their coupons they knowwwwwwwwwww that I will return to buy even more stuff that I probably don't need. I purchased a huge plastic beach bag to keep all my little gifts inside of. I have been involved with the secret pal program each year at work and each month or more we suprise our secret pals with little gifts. Anyway this seems to be working to keep everything in one place. Then I went to a store we have around here called ollies and found the neatest organizer book. It has a place for addresses , telephone numbers, birthdays, and even little places to store your cards. finally a place to keep them alllllllll together. now if I could just figure out how to apply all of this organization to my sewing room I would be a very happy camper. Maybe by the time I come back" some of it will be done. take care

Friday, August 21, 2009

apple bread and computers

O.k. I have enough time to make a couple of very quick comments. I just finished making two loaves of apple bread. we seem to go through stages. we will buy apples and we forget to eat them and at other times we will eat nothing but apples. anyway I had three that were going to go bad with in the next day if I didn't do something with them" so after dinner I made two loaves of apple bread. I used to use regular flour to make bread and one day I decided to buy bread flour and try it to see if there really was a difference. welllllllllll honey let me tell you if you haven't already tried it please do" It makes the texture of the bread soooo much easier to cut and I think it is actually a better flavor.

Now for my other comment" Is it just me or do you all" have a problem when you go to a site that has music playing on it? I love to go through the different blogs to get idea's on sewing projects and every darn time I come across a blog playing music my dang computer freezes up on me. I get soooooooooo gosh darn irritated I feel like throwing my computer out the window. I knowwwwwww I should definately strive for more patience and hopefully the Good Lord will help me with that" but in the meantime can anyone tell me why this happens? Or is it just my computer that does it. I hate to complain because I don't mind listening to music but it is sooooooooooo frustrating. O.k....... I have complained enough and I have several messages to go read so will close for now.

A big thank you to Khris""""""""

Just had to give a big thank you to khris as she has been helping me with my blog" See my pretty new backround""""""""" Thats because of khris she is sooooooooooooo darn smart! She also showed me how to diplay my followers great gal! she has lots of free backround links so check her out in my followers colum if you are interested. She also has a great blog with lots and lots of freebie sites.

O.k. just to fill you in" I have been painting and its almost done. I think I have like a four foot area to paint and then I am doneeeeeee" Do you have any idea what it is like to be an overweight little shortyyyyyyyy that is almost sixty years old with arthritus crawling around on a scaffoldddddd??? Well let me tell you its notttttttt a pretty site! soooooooo glad it is finished!

I went in and got my hair cut yestarday after work. I swear it is shorter then hubbies hair which I just cut the day before. I am not complaining because I told her to cut it short because working in that hot kitchen in august and septemeber especially will not be fun! I have to tell you that I have worn my hair long for most of my life and to wear it this short ( I am talking spiky short) is a real switch for me. It feels great and when it starts getting long on my neck it drives me crazzy Who would have guessed""""""""""

We went in and picked out new carpet for the living room and they had to order it but it should be in the middle of next month. We have opted to rip up the old carpet and move the furniture out to save money. I cannot beleiveeeeee how much they charge for that. Of course that being said I can remember when we ripped out the carpet in my sewing room and had to pull up allllllllll of those nasty little tacks" I swore I would never do it again and what do I do"""""' I tell hubby ya knowwwwwwwwww we can save quite a bit of money if we do that part our selves. urrrrrrrrrrrr me and my big mouth! See what happens when you come from a generation with parents that saved money every way they could" O.k........ I am through complaining it really should go quickly and I am soooooooooooo ready for new carpet. Its been almost three years of living with this thread baren carpet. We bought this home from a man that rented them out and this partiqular model happened to be located in a drug area. wellllll it was not very well taken care of and so we have been working on it ever since. We got it for such a good price that we just couldn't refuse and put it on two acres of land . Welllllllllll thats about all that is going on today so I am going to go see if I can finish up that last four foot section and then itsssssssss good by scaffold! Hopefully that is the last time I will have to crawl around on one in my lifetime.

O.k. one more thing" I just had to post a couple of pictures of my grandbabies! The youngest is playing with the new blanket granny sent her. She picked out the fabric herself when we had her with us in one of the quilt shops this summer" then you will see her examing the back side of the quilt which is an I spy " which my daughter suggested. Then of course the my other two darling granddaughters are busy putting puzzles to gether that I sent them. who knew these 3D puzzles could be so cute. My grandson is the oldest and he got a late start on his puzzle so will have to post that one at a later date. take care untill we meet again"

Sunday, August 16, 2009

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Have you ever noticed that no matter how much you want to get your accomplishments finished it seems like something always stands in the way. Well once I got home from Spokane I immediately started on my granddaughters new quilt. I did manage to get that finished. Then we happened to see an ice cream machine and since my daughter had introduced me to homemade ice cream again " we decided it would be fun to have one. as you can see hubby is happy we did!
Now one of the things I really wanted to accomplish before going back to work is to paint my living room. Somehow I seem to have developed this tennis elbow which is givng me fits so I am not sure I will get it done before I go to work.
Yestarday the steering pump was acting up in my car so we just got back home after having that repaired. Have you ever noticed that all the warranties you buy for a vehicle run out within a month after your warranty runs out?. We also bought a new matress and I can tell you we put that one off wayyyyyy too long as we both slept like babies last nite.
Well I think I have covered everything that has been going on lately so will close for now. take care everyone and I hope you are able to complete all of those things that you want to accomplish"

Friday, July 31, 2009

Friday Home from vacation

Well just a quick note to let everyone know what an absolutely great time I had! I spent three weeks visiting with my daughter, son in law and four wonderfull grandkids! Donald the oldest is growing by leaps and bounds, Kloe Has decided to become a writter, kendra seems to be interested in cheerleading and all those girly activities. And last but no least casey is just adorable. she is not growing very fast and is still just a little thing but she is soooooooo cute. She has the cutest personalitly. I think she has everyone in the family wrapped around her little finger including her grandma! I miss all of them already!

Today I had a chance to unpack and much too my dismay several of the things that I had bought were broken. luckily hubby is good with a glue bottle and went to repairing them for me right away. Kerrie and I hit yard sales and an auction of her father in laws so you knowwwwww that I wound up buying a third suitcase to bring home with me. I had already packed my larger suitcase with things for the kids thinking that it would be the empty one to come back with me but by the time I finished going to yard sales, (did I mention they have the neatest yard sales?) and the auction , not too mention the fabric stores and quilt shops I really haddddddd to buy the third suitcase. Now I am trying to cram everything into my little sewing room which is shrinking day by day.

After I unpacked I sat down to open the package from my dear swap partner in the friendship swap that I spoke of in an earlier post. I was abasolutlely amazed at what she sent me. she was soooooooooooo creative not only in her stitching but also in her packaging. she did the most adorable wrappings. It felt like christmas going through all of them. She came up with the cutest things to spell out friendship and she made me the most amazinggggggggg doll! I wish I had such talent! I am going to call her deliahla. she is up on my shelf where I can look at her every day. I am thinking that I may have to rearrange things so that I can have a shelf just for dolls. she is justtttttttttttt too cute!

Well it is pouring down rain here and before the lightening starts I think it might be a good idea to shut down the computer. take care untill we meet again.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday and counting down"""""""

Well it is tuesday morning and I will be flying out thursdayyyyyyy just two one more day before I leaveeeeeee yessssssssssss I am sooooooooo looking forward to getting my arms around those grandkids and my daughter!!!!!!!!! I haven't been able to get excited about working on anything because I have been too busy thinking about the trip. I did manage to get kerries gift finished and have been working on dishclothes. the garden is doing great! I am going to miss going out and picking a bucket full of goodies each morning. The flowers are beautifull this time of year as you can see" I pick a fresh boquet every other day or so.
I went to see a doctor yestarday about my arm hurting so much and it seems that I have tennis elbo. He says it is caused by a lot of useage of your arm and hand hmmmmmmm could that be because I spend my work weeks lifting heavy boxes and huge pans and when i am off work I am always sewing, quilting, emb, chrocheting, gardening ect. geeeeeeeeeee I wonder why it picked on me""""""" well this three week trip should help to get it into shape. the only work out it will get is the slop machine (which I may have to use my left hand ) and carrying around bags from the fabric shops lols Have a great month and I will see you again in August!Lord willing and the creek don't rise" Don't ya just loveeeeeeeee that old saying!

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well its thursday and the time seems to be just flying by. one week from today I will be flying off to see the kids. I got up this morning to see the news of a nude passenger flying from n.c. to vegas woooooooooooo lets hope my trip is not quite so exciting. I could do with a nice relaxing trip. lols
Lately I have not been creating a lot because I have my mind on getting ready for the trip. I purchased an mp3 player so that I would have something to listen too and hubby has had a heck of a time getting it figured out. the first one didn't work so we took it back and this one seems to be driving him crazzy. Hopefully we will get it all worked out before I leave. this is the time it would help to have a teenager around. They know soooo much more then we do when it comes to gadgets!
Anyway I have been chrocheting lots of dishcloths. For some reason this has been relaxing too me. I haven't chrocheted for years but for some strange reason I want to do it again. Kind of like the hand embroidery. Am I the only one that is like this?
I will try and get another post in before I leave but if I don't you can rest assured knowing that I am enjoying myself with daughter and grandkids. Yessssssssss

Monday, June 29, 2009

monday afternoon

Gee the time is going by sooooooooo quickly. Before you know it I will be packing to go to Spokane. I am soooooooooo excited. Can't wait to hold all those grandkids in my arms " not to mention my daughter!
Yestarday we went to wallmart so that I could buy an ipod but once I got there I decided on an mp3 player instead. Now we are in the process of figureing out how to download music too it. We stopped by the other wallmart today where I got some better ear phones " I hate the ones that you put inside of your ears so I bought the type that you slide over your ear. Then of course I had to come home and make a bag to carry the player, earphones and the jack in. I found the pattern while searching blogs the other day. It is actually the same type of bag that I made for my camera so it was simple to make.
I am trying not to get too involved in sewing projects right now. I just finished a chorchet project that I am taking with me but cannot show you as my daughter might just see it if it were posted here. A friend of mine sent me a golly doll pattern that I would dearly love to start too but that one is going to have to wait untill I get back .
I hope all of you are enjoying your garden as much as we have been enjoying ours. I know that my poor daughter isen't as the deer ate hers this year. They have decided to move it closer to the house and maybe put up a larger fence. I think that she is going to put up a greenhouse like we are too this fall. I found a pattern for one made up of pvc pipe that looks pretty darn simple to make so I think that will be a lot of fun getting our plants started early for next year. Ohhhhhhhhh hubby bought me an orchid for our anniversary and it is soooooooooo gorgous! maybe I will start grwoing them once we get a greenhouse.
O.k. I guess I had better get off of here and get something else done. take care

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tuesday morning"""""

Good morning everyone" It's a gorgous day out there" Now if we could control that hot temperture it would be even better! Hubby is outside ferilizing and watering all the plant life. Our garden is doing fantastic this year" we have been getting tomatoes, zuchinni, radishes, cukecumbers to keep us fed and the neighbors.
I am on the countdown for leaving to go to spokane" I am soooooo excited to see everyone again. This morning Goshhhhhhhhhhh is it only eight o.clock? I must still be on work time. Anyway I degress" When I got up this morning and did the dishes that I left from the nite before" (I knowwwwwwwww that is bad)))))) I decided to do something in my sewing room. Awhile back I had made the tops for some doll quilts and decided that I need to get those finished to add to the others that I already have put away for Casey.
Its funny but I never feel like I have enough done even though these are a good year ahead of time before she will be wanting them. She just turned a year in may .
I have sooooooo much stuff to pack and its not stuff for meeeeeee '''' I swear I am going to have to pack everything and leave my clothing out! I had forgotten how much stuff I had put together. I try and mail a lot of the things durring the year but the mail has become so expensive that I have even cut back on that. And then there are the things that you make that you do not trust with the postal dept. I made a quilt top for my grandson and have decided to take it with and finish it there. I just wouldn't want to finish that and send it through the mail. After all I am getting older and it is getting harder and harder to put these quilts together so I sure wouldn't want to have it dissapear in the mail.
Do any of you have the problem of figuring out what to make for your teenage grandsons? I seem to be running out of things to make for Donald The girls are easy to make for because I can always come up with things for girls but boys are a different story" especially when they become teens. I have a pattern for some notebook covers so am planning to make up some of those for him. They might have to wait untill I get back from spokane as I want to have him pick out some fabrics that he likes. Wellllllll I am not getting anything done sitting here so I had better move. take care untill we meet again"""""""""

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning

Couldn't lay in bed one minute longer. My back has been giving me a time lately so I am up early with time to comment on my blog. yestarday I had to go and see my arthritus doctor and we went out for a nice anniversary dinner afterwards. I had hubby drop me off at michaels while he went to lowes. what funnnnnnnnn! I can always find lots of things to spend money on in that place. Anyway I ran into a lady who was from out of town and started asking me questions about chrochet. we had quite a nice visit. She managed to get me interested in yet another project of which I will not reveal right now as it is going to be a surprise for someone" Hopefully I will be able to reveal it later if all turns out well!
I did manage to work on one of those cute little rabbits that are on one of the bloggs. Naturally I cannot remember which one" but I am quite sure Casey is going to like it.
After comming home from our shopping trip hubby surprized me with the most gorgous orchid!!!!!!!! This will be my very first orchid so I hope it likes me!
O.k. I am off to work on more projects untill we meet again.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Decision made"""""""""

Well I couldn't wait any longer" Hubby said he liked the pink and green and I did too so I went ahead and made it. Now to reveal what it was I wanted to make.
I saw one of these on another blog but here had chrochet hooks going all the way across except for the scissor pocket. I decided that there are only several hooks that I use over and over again so I made enought room to hold eight of them and added yet another pocket on the other end for my glasses. Now it is ready anytime that I am. I loveeeeeeeee this idea" you see it dosen't take much to make me a happy woman! I also decided to make a needle case while I was at it. O.k. I am off to play """"""

Monday Morningggggg

O.k. I have a delemma" Normally I don't think twice about color but for some strange reason I seem to be going back and fourth with this one. I need your help" do you like the pink and green together best? or the pink and black together the best? I need to make up my mind by today so that I can hopefully get it put together tonite. It is something for me personally so I don't know why its such a big deal" I guess its because I seldom make things for myself.

Other the sewing I have managed to get up and get my vaccuming and dusting done and the garden is in good shape. The only bad thing to happen lately is that my car battery died yestarday. The dealer told us the last time we had it in for a check up that it needed to be replaced but they wanted three or four hundred dollars to replace it. well hubby went to auto zone this morning and bought one with the same type of waranty for $99.00 so Now I am a happy camper again. This means another trip to wallmart. Funny how often we go there! By now we should have stock in that store as much money as we spend there.
Hopefully I will make a decision on which one of these fabric combinations I like best as i would like to have my project finished so that I can post a picture of it today or tomorrow. take care

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Its saturdayyyyyyyyy again!!!!!

Funny how I seem to post on saturdays" Not sure why that is especially now that I am off work untill school starts up again.
This morning my hubby came in from the garden with an armload fulllllllll of zuchinnies. We already had our frefridgerator full so I called one of my neighbors and she happily took them all home. I told hubby that eventually we will have to put up a sign on the highway free tomatoes, free zuchinnie. Did I mention that we planted a lotttttttttttttt of them.
I have also been working on some blocks that I started yestarday. I started off just planning to make one block because I love stars and this scrappy star was just toooooooo cute. Well then I made another and another and thought hmmmmmmm maybe I will make a wall hanging out of them. Well now that I have it the size I want it" I cannot seem to make up my mind just what I want to do with them. I can either make a wall hanging and quilt something in the blank squares , I can embroider something in the blank squares orrrrrrrrr I could use it for a baby quilt since the colors are so brite and add some simple embroidery to the blank squares or again use a quilting design . I am leaning towards the quilting as I haven;'t done a lot of hand quilting lately. I used to have a quilt frame set up in my beauty shop where I could quilt any time I wanted too. Now I just don't have the room to set it up. so I use a hoop to quilt on. The more I look at it the more I am leaning towards a baby quilt. any ideas on the border?
I think my next project will be a lap quilt or twin size quilt. I have been collecting six inch squares for some time now so I think its about time I start putting them together. That is such a simple way to go but I loveeeeeeeee the scrappy simplicity of it all.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Its Saturdayyyyyyyyyyyy"""""""""""

Well here it is saturday again and I was up and out of bed by six fifteen. They were haveing a yard sale at the church this morning so I just had to go" I have not seen many yard sales around here and the ones that I do see are all clothing and little kids stuff. Welllllllll I wound up with an adorable old birdhouse , a cute shirt with matching top that still had the tags on it", a pancake pan for hubby and a cute old fashioned basket for me" It dosen't take much to make me happyyyyyyyyy lols

Then I went out to weed some of our flower beds. I had to go back inside and grab my camera as there is so much happeing out there " The flowers are blooming the tomatoes are growing! I loveeeeee this time of year. Our little squirles aren't so little any more" Between the bird seed and the guiennies seed they are getting so gosh darn fat that I am seriously beginning to worry that the neighbors cats are going to get them. She has around fifteen of them and they seem to be attracted to our place because we have so many birds and squirrels. Well I guess I will leave that one to mother nature to worry about.

Now for the most exciting news this week! Hubby booked my flight to spokaneeeeeeeeeeee. Here that daughter and grandbabies of mine! I will be there before too long. School will be out in another four days so I can start thinking about packing. I am looking soooooooo forward to seeing them all again! O.k. welllllll I had better quit and get back to the laundry take care untill we meet again.

Monday, June 1, 2009

June first

Ooops the page got away from me. Anyway I managed to finish two baby quilts for a co worker as she is going to have her first grandchild. And I finished a doll quilt for my bosses granddaughter. This little girl is so sweet and so polite. she is in kidnegarten and she made a special trip to the kitchen to thank me for the last one and give me a hug. I thought that her grandmother had put her up too that but apparently she came up with it on her own.
I have come to the conclusion that we need a smoker to cook meat in. After watching a barbeque show with paula dean and all the places she went for barbeque so I handed hubby the money today and told him we need to pick one up. Wallmart has one that looks very handy. I read all the reviews on them and found that the ones that use propane cook more evenly and it is easier to control the heat. So glad I read before buying because hubby and I had both thought about getting the ones without propane.
Our garden is doing soooooooo well. we have zuchinnie that should be ready next week or soon after. Our tomatoes are about the size of golf balls so they won't be far behind. I loveeeeeeeee this time of year. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I belong to a pincushion yahoo group and they had some give aways this last week to celebrate their existance. anyway I won some material, an adorable scissor holder with scissors, a cute little sbs pin cushion, and a rotory cutter.
Well its getting late so I had better go get my shower taken and settle down to some chrocheting for the nite. take care untill we meet again.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day is over""""

Well it was back to work today and tuesday is delivery day so there was lots of lifting. We have such a small kitchen that every time we do something we have to move it twice because we have to move it back out of the way to put it someplace else. it is a real pain" That being said they are in the process of building us a new kitchen that may or may not be done by next season. We are all hoping so".

Awhile back I posted that I had started a square in a square quilt for my Grandson Donald. well it was driving me crazzy as the squares were only six inches and I was getting tirid of looking at that and the limited color choices. I have come to the conclusion that in order to work on something for someone else I have to like what I am doing. My grandson when asked what colors he would like for his quilt said black and yellow. Welllllllll do you have any idea how boring it can be to work with just two colors."" I talked to his mom and told her that I was going to add a few colors to make it more interesting. she said go ahead that he changes his mind each and every day anyway.( Did I mention that he is a teenager) Anyway I happened to be on a blogg where someone had made a ducks in a row block and it hit meeeeeeeeee that is what I want to make for Daniel! So I started all over . I put the other blocks away and began making these blocks. They are sooooooooooo cool and I think it will be perfect for his bed. I am using yellow, black , orange, black, green , black , purple , black and blue and black. I am likeing the results. You would never know from looking now but at one time I only liked working with patels. Now I love everything especially color!
Our garden is growing by leaps and bounds. Hubby took a picture of me standing in the middle of our tomatoe patch to send to my daughter. He loves to tease her because living in N.C. we have a much longer and earlier growing season then she does in Washington.
O.k. Its almost time for NCIS one of my favortie shows. I have to see what has happened to zeeva tonite. so I am off to get my glass of wine and watch t.v. Take care untill we meet again.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

nine square blocks"'''

Have been working more on the nine square blocks so I thought I would try and get a picture to give you an idea as to what they look like. My cat of course thought I needed help laying them out.
Yestarday I finally got the results of my lung tests from a month ago. Did I tell you that I have switched doctors offices. I am waiting for them to transfer my records but in the meantime they finally decided to call me yestarday one month after I had the tests done and informed me that I have asthma. I don't know of any other bussiness that could get by with that. Anyway I am dreading seeing my new doctor because I knowwwwwwwwww that the first thing he or she is going to say is that I shouldn't have any cats or dogs. welllllllllllll my cat is almost twenty years old. getting rid of her is just not an option. Hubby came down with asthma quite a few years ago and he feels the same. Our dog tripod is quite a shedder but like hubcap" getting rid of him is just not an option we adopted him a little over two years ago and he has become part of the family. so life goes on"
Hubby and his son and grandson are out fishing this afternoon so you know where I am"""""""' Its time to go back to the sewing machine take care .