Monday, June 13, 2011

Schools out!!!!!

O.k. Normally I never post the day after a post " Not because I don't want too but usually if I am not too busy " I just don't have anything new to add. welllllllllll I just got home from the school dinner and let me tell you! I had something I have never had before. The girls all teased me when I asked what it was because as they reminded me if I were a true southerner I would know these things" Anywayyyyyy Its called chew bread and you guys just have to try it! It resembles a brownie in looks but thats where it stops. I just happen to get the recipe from the catering group. yummmmmmmmmm!!! Here goes. Did I also say it is super simple""""
1 stick butter
1 box brown sugar
2 eggs
2 c. self rising flour
1 tsp vanilla
1 c. chopped nuts They used wallnuts but I will use pecans Thats another word I get teased about" where I come from we pronounce them pecons and here they say pecans Hubby just tells them pecans is something you pee in. I knowwwwwwww thats soooooooo bad!
o.k. back to the recipe. "
Melt your butter and add sugar, remove from heat, add eggs one at a time, beating after each addition, add flour, one cup at a time, add vanilla and nuts . bake in a 13x9x2 inch greased pan at 350 degrees for 20- 30 minutes. yummmmmmmmmm
You all take care untill next time"

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hi everyone" Its sunday!

Thought I would try and make a quick post before I get ready for church. I managed to get my tablerunner finished and just love it! I have decided to start collecting fabrics for baby quilts maybe just quarter yard pieces to use for the quilt as you go strip method. that is sooooooooo easy and so much fun! I am thinking it would be adorable to make them and then applique some cute animal on each one. They are easy enough to make that I could make a couple and have them ready for the next baby quilt that I need.  sorry the photo looks so dark on one end. not sure why maybe because it was early in the morning.

Have also been teaching myself to knit and found this wonderfull vidio that explains it step by step. so this morning I actually got serious and managed to get three or four rows down. (not even oneeeeeee slipped stitch! this is amazingggggggg. Have still been working on hats. I have decided that I will watch the sales and start picking up soft yarns as I found a couple of neat hat patterns for cancer patients and would like to start making them as I think they may be able to use them.

Lets see what else has been going on. ohhhhhhhhhh I finally broke downa nd bought a mandavilla??? think that is what it is called. These are sooooooo gorgous. Everyone has told me that they won't come back because they cannot withstand the winter and that they are an annual. mine is still in a pot so we might try and take it in this winter and see what happens. That is something I do love about living here is the flowers are soooooooo gosh darn gorgous!

We picked our first two zuchinnis from the garden yestarday and fried them up with cornmeal and flour dipped in egg. yummmmmmmmm I also made a new recipe I found for sour cream lemon pie but would you beleive after getting the filling all cooked and the whipped topping all made " I discovered that my pie crust from the freezer was not any good any more. I acutally had my hair in rollers which I do about once a week " I knowwwwwww terriably old fashioned (especially for a cosmetologist) but I am one of those people that my hair just won't hold a curl with a curling iron for very long unless I put a can of hairspray on it. sooooo here I stand with no way to go to the store and get another one. Why don't I just make one you say.? welllllllll by this time I am beat, have been doing laundry and dishes all morning long all the usual things you have to catch up on when you only have one day at home to get it all done and I said to heck with it. I put everything into covered containers and into the fridge so today I will pick up some of my favorite shortbread crusts and we can have it for desert tonite.
Lets see" I think that is about all that is going on right now. Monday will be clean up day at school and after that it is church crafts and then race back home as the principal is throwing a dinner for all of us to say good by for the school year. You all take care untill next time.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Last week of school!!!!!!!!!!

Well its the last week of school yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Vacationnnnnnnn I think" maybe not as I seem to work just as hard around the house as I do if I am working although this way I won't be doing both".

Have not written much lately as there hasen't been a lot to write. Have been doing normal activities, like going to bible study, going to church and church crafts.  Its gardening time again and we are patiently waiting for everything to mature. We have grapes , blueberries and strawberries ooops almost forgot the rasberries. I am sooooooooo looking forward to the tomatoes and squash getting ready.

I somehow got a big burst of energy this weekend and managed to finish two of my granddaughters quilts , my lap quilt and started a quilt as you go tablerunner. those are soooooooooo fun and easy! To make one all you do is lay your backing right side down on your table , then spray with a little bit of adhesive spray. apply your batting and now you are ready to start adding your strips. You can cut them any size you want or mix and match if you like also. take the first strip and lay it right side up at the edge of your runner. make sure this one is straight. stitch it down on one end then take your next strip and lay it on top of the previous strip face down and stitch it down. then fold it back and press it. continue overlapping them untill you get to the end. poof! you have pieced and quilted it all in one step. now all you have left is to bind it. I have mine by my chair right now and will bind it while watching t.v. The new granddaughters quilt is very special because her mom and I planned it out together just like we did with the last one. That makes it so much more fun!

The other thing I have been doing is chrocheting hats for the grandkids.  Now let me tell you something I discovered duhhhhhhhhhhh that I should have figured out long ago and would have saved me a ton of work!
I hate trying to bend over on the floor to put quilts together so a few years ago" I started doing them on my bed which meant less bending. wellllllll it hit me when I went to put these together whyyyyyy not put them together on the kitchen island???? I did ! And let me tell you from here on out that is the only way I will everrrrrrr do them again. what a great idea! Have any of you figured this one out already? sooooooooo easy. The pinning and layering was super simple ! will never do it the old way again.

Well I just finished taking the brownies out of the oven that I made earlier so I had better go cut a piece for hubby before he dies of starvation! Take care untill next time"