Friday, April 6, 2012

Where has all the time gone!!!!!

Life has really gotten in the way with me lately. It seems like there have been medical issues on both sides much more often then either one of us would like. I have also become more involved with things going on at the church. so that has kept me busy. besides that one of the six hour girls has had some serious medical problems so for the last few months I have been working her shift so not a lot of time to play.
That being said I have managed the time to clean my crat room as we went out and bought a file cabinet and new desk so that I would be able to work on the church books. what a mess this room was. my sewing space has been cut down quite a bit in size but so far that hasen't bothered me as I have done very little sewing lately. mostly knitting. Not sure how long this fasination will last but for now it has been very consuming. Its funny but I really don't care to knit anything but scarves, dishcloths, and hats. my poor hubby keeps looking at me and asking me what I am knitting an when I tell him he says don't you want to knit a sweater or something different. nopeeeeeeeee there are so many different stitches in knitting that it would take me a hundred years to use them all just in making scarves and dishcloths. Hubby does love the dishcloths though.
This picture is what my room looked at wth all the stuff piled up from my closet and everything else. I told you it was a mess. I wound up giving away boxes and boxes of material, quilts that I had started and not quite finished to the church quilters and tons of stuff to my neighbor down the street who is also a quilter.  It eventually wound up looking like this one.  There is still a small sewing table on the other side of the room so I can still do everything I need to in this room.
Anyway that is what I have been up too. hopefully I will be able to get back to my blog more often then I have in the past. Take care untill next time.