Friday, August 21, 2009

apple bread and computers

O.k. I have enough time to make a couple of very quick comments. I just finished making two loaves of apple bread. we seem to go through stages. we will buy apples and we forget to eat them and at other times we will eat nothing but apples. anyway I had three that were going to go bad with in the next day if I didn't do something with them" so after dinner I made two loaves of apple bread. I used to use regular flour to make bread and one day I decided to buy bread flour and try it to see if there really was a difference. welllllllllll honey let me tell you if you haven't already tried it please do" It makes the texture of the bread soooo much easier to cut and I think it is actually a better flavor.

Now for my other comment" Is it just me or do you all" have a problem when you go to a site that has music playing on it? I love to go through the different blogs to get idea's on sewing projects and every darn time I come across a blog playing music my dang computer freezes up on me. I get soooooooooo gosh darn irritated I feel like throwing my computer out the window. I knowwwwwww I should definately strive for more patience and hopefully the Good Lord will help me with that" but in the meantime can anyone tell me why this happens? Or is it just my computer that does it. I hate to complain because I don't mind listening to music but it is sooooooooooo frustrating. O.k....... I have complained enough and I have several messages to go read so will close for now.

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creativedawn said...

mmmmmmm, yummy....I'm on my way...don't eat it! The apple bread looks soooooo good.
Hubby likes apple cake, maybe he would like some for his birthday!