Saturday, April 13, 2013

Its saturday yessssssssssss!!!! Time seems to rush by so quickly " including the weekends. I came home yestarday and found hubby under the house working on the air conditioning duct. he had been under there the day before and pulled it out as he said it has deteriorated. wellll he looked awfull and said he had been under the house since eleven that morning" it was three o.clock when he came out". How do you tell a man that is 73 years old that he is toooooooo dang old to be crawling around under the house ? He is sooooooo sore today he can hardly move. His grandson was over last nite and said why didn't you call me??? He said no " everyone is always calling you to do things and I just didn't want too". Did I mention the word stubbornnnnnnnnnnn. anyway that duct has apparently been shot for quite awhile as there is a hugeeeeeeeeeee difference in the air we are getting into the house. so I can just imagine our heat bills and air cond. bills are going to drop".
After fixing dinner for the three of us" I got started on a new washcloth pattern or dishcloth which ever you want to use it for.Its called the basket weave and I am loving it! the texture in you hands is wonderfull! and it is an easy pattern that goes together quickly. this may become my new favorite!
untill next time".


Karen from Sew Many Ways... said...

Hi...thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm not sure what happened to the link for the Sew Darn Crafty Party. I don't see anything from your site. I personally don't email you when someone links. I pay for a linking service, so maybe it's an automatic email response. Maybe try to link again and see what happens.
I also wanted to stop by here, because I wasn't sure if you knew that your blog comments are set to "No Reply". This means there isn't an email address attached to your blog account and there isn't a way for anyone to respond back to your comment. They would have to come here to respond to a comment you made on their blog. If you ever want to change that, there is a tutorial on my right side bar labeled "Are you a no reply".
Thanks again for trying to link up on my blog...I hope it works! Have a great day,

Kymberly said...

I'm visiting from Sew Many Ways so you must have fixed the problem. This is such a cute dish cloth. I also really love the penguin wall hanging.