Friday, April 26, 2013

O.k. lets try this one more time" I just finished writting a post and tried to add some pictures and nothing worked. this just isen't my day.
I have had a bad week with an upper respiratory infection so by the time I get home from work I haven't had the energy to do any quilting just sitting at the computer for inspiration. I found a ruler set that I think I am going to really enjoy. its called Elisas crazzy curves and you can make drunkards path blocks ect. with it.
 Then I received a coupon from joanns and they happened to have the sizzix machines on sale " well they also sent me a free shipping and handling coupon sooooooooo you guessed it! I got one! I am so excited to use it and the ruler. I am going to joanns in Greenville next week when we head down there for hubbies doctors appointment so hopefully I will find a cute applique die that I can use for quilting. that is why I bought the machine. its doubtfull that I will ever get into scrapbooking as I already have wayyy too many hobbies as it is and not enough room to hold them all. I also joined a yahoo group for quilters who use the sizzix machine. will hopefully have some pictures to post next time from both of my new toys.
Guess I will quit writting now as I keep getting interrupted by hubby. steven our one of our grandsons is comming over to dinner tonite and we are having fajittas. well hubby wants to cook them but dosen't know what to do so he keeps asking me" I told him I would cook them but he seems to want too so now I have been delegated to take care of the tortia shells. think I can handle that lols take care untill next time.


Michelle said...

What die are you going to get?

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

I wound up getting three dies. one was a sewing one from sizzix it has a dress form and scissors and thread and then I got an applique kitten and dog from the go dies. They really need to get more quilting dies if they want to attract the quilters.there was not a lot to choose from so I was a bit dissapointed.