Friday, September 5, 2008

That time of year again!

Hope everyone is paying attention to the election information. No matter who you decide on or what group you want to go with" I think it is so important to become involved and know what is going on . As you can tell I am for McCain and Palin. I have been drawn to McCain because I generally like his idea's, and his character. I must admit that I too was a little bit concerned about his age even though my hubby keeps telling me that he is his age and he could handle it.
I have never been as impresses as I was when he introduced Sandra Palin " I beleive that she will give the job her all and make a very good Vice President. I get a little diheartened when I hear the news making statements that with five kids she won't be able to handle it. I think that is grossly unfair . but I think she will let them know otherwise.
Lets be real" Do they not realize that there are nannies who help out in situations like these. Anyway I am anxous to hear more about Sara Palin.
Now I am off to watch the news and keep track of the upcomming storm. Take care Everyone!

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