Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back injury

Just wanted to stop by so that everyone dosen't think that I have forgotten about my blogg. I slipped at work last week and have been knocked out on pain pills ever since well almost ever since. I did go back to work out the rest of the week with a back brace type of thing on and made it through thursday and friday. I thought that being home this weekend might do the trick but got up again this morning and still not doing any better. Poor hubby had to help with the laundry as I can't seem to bend down to pick anything up. I did manage to fold and hang the clothes and even peeled potatoes so that he could make his famous clam chowder. Hubbies grandson steven is comming by this afternoon and we haven't seen him for several weeks. Since he has gone off to school we don't get to see him very often. He only gets back home about once every couple of months. so I will wait and go to the doctor tomorrow and see what they suggest. hopefully they can do something with me. I am hoping that all I did was twist something.
O.k. will be back later and hopefully be able to post some pics for you. take care Linda

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