Friday, November 28, 2008

Day after Thanksgiving:

Wow where is all the time going? Can you beleive there are only 27 days untill christimas! I am just soooooooo far behind this year!. I don't even want to think about christmas shopping again.
We had a nice Thanksgiving dinner with my hubbies son and his family. We all ate wayyyy too much. Hubby cooked a turkey in his newest toy" Its called a char broil oilless fryer. essentially it is a large pot type thing that you put a turkey or anything else in that you want to cook and it cooks faster and without oil. He cooked the turkey in two hours. The turkey was very moist and so far we all love his fryer! We had wayyyyyyyy too much food: We had turkey, ham, a potatoe casserole , mashed potatoes, gravy, collards , spinch dip, yams, creamscicle salad, pumpkin roll, several different cheese cakes and dump cakes rolls, and all the things associated with thanksgiving. And like all good people we ate and went home to lay back in our chairs and watch t.v. lols It was very nice but I soooooooooooo miss having my daughter and my grandkids around too. You would think that being able to spend three weeks with them in July would make me miss them a little less but I think it makes me miss them even more. Being with them for that long gives me a chance to get to know each one of their personalities. Before this we would go back and fourth twice a year for three or four days and they would drive over to our house once so we saw each other three times a year. That is when we only lived about seven hundred miles from each other. I had my own beauty shop so it was difficult to get away any longer at a time then that. Now I am working as a child nutricianist for the school district so that I have my summers off and can fly back for three weeks at a time. I can't wait untill July gets here again.!

I would love to show you all some projects that I have made since my last post but I just haven't managed to get any sewing done. I think between work and the house I am doing good to keep up with my emails. I am hoping very soon I will become inspired to get something completed.
The allergy season is here again. It seems soooooooo strange to suffer from allergies in november but I guess this is normal for north carolina. back home you would suffer durring the summer time. Well I think this is about all that is new around here so I will stop rambling on and hopefully the next time I post " there will be something new to show you. Take care and hope you all had a very nice Thanksgiving!

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