Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tuesday and counting down"""""""

Well it is tuesday morning and I will be flying out thursdayyyyyyy just two one more day before I leaveeeeeee yessssssssssss I am sooooooooo looking forward to getting my arms around those grandkids and my daughter!!!!!!!!! I haven't been able to get excited about working on anything because I have been too busy thinking about the trip. I did manage to get kerries gift finished and have been working on dishclothes. the garden is doing great! I am going to miss going out and picking a bucket full of goodies each morning. The flowers are beautifull this time of year as you can see" I pick a fresh boquet every other day or so.
I went to see a doctor yestarday about my arm hurting so much and it seems that I have tennis elbo. He says it is caused by a lot of useage of your arm and hand hmmmmmmm could that be because I spend my work weeks lifting heavy boxes and huge pans and when i am off work I am always sewing, quilting, emb, chrocheting, gardening ect. geeeeeeeeeee I wonder why it picked on me""""""" well this three week trip should help to get it into shape. the only work out it will get is the slop machine (which I may have to use my left hand ) and carrying around bags from the fabric shops lols Have a great month and I will see you again in August!Lord willing and the creek don't rise" Don't ya just loveeeeeeeee that old saying!

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