Thursday, July 2, 2009


Well its thursday and the time seems to be just flying by. one week from today I will be flying off to see the kids. I got up this morning to see the news of a nude passenger flying from n.c. to vegas woooooooooooo lets hope my trip is not quite so exciting. I could do with a nice relaxing trip. lols
Lately I have not been creating a lot because I have my mind on getting ready for the trip. I purchased an mp3 player so that I would have something to listen too and hubby has had a heck of a time getting it figured out. the first one didn't work so we took it back and this one seems to be driving him crazzy. Hopefully we will get it all worked out before I leave. this is the time it would help to have a teenager around. They know soooo much more then we do when it comes to gadgets!
Anyway I have been chrocheting lots of dishcloths. For some reason this has been relaxing too me. I haven't chrocheted for years but for some strange reason I want to do it again. Kind of like the hand embroidery. Am I the only one that is like this?
I will try and get another post in before I leave but if I don't you can rest assured knowing that I am enjoying myself with daughter and grandkids. Yessssssssss

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Twyla and Lindsey said...

One of the most relaxing things I do is make dishcloths! That's why I have so many! I like yours! Have a nice day. Twyla