Tuesday, December 29, 2009

December 29th

Well I managed to make it through another christmas" This used to be my most favorite time of year but being so far away from the little ones drives me crazzy! Kerrie sends me pics of the little ones opening their gifts and it helps but it would be soooo much better seeing them in person.
Kerrie sent me a picture of the baby wearing someones boots. she is such a stinker and has a persoanlity alllll her own.
The second picture is one of our little darling feeding her little cousin a bottle. would you believe her cousin is a year younger then she is? The first year of her life they went round and round and could not figure out why she was so tiny. And to this day they still don't know . she is perfectly healthy but is just tiny. So needless to say everyone spoils her crazzyyyyyyyyyy you just can't help it! We all love babies and she was a late unexpected gift to Kerrie and Bryan and she has made all of us soooooooo happy.

The other picture is one of two of the other grandchildren making christmas cookies. the other picture is of my grandson making cookies. and here is a picture of another one of my granddaughters She is growing up soooooooo fast as all of them are. I wish that we could keep them little forever. Nahhhhhhhh not really I am glad they are growing up to be such great kids.

As most of you know who follow my blogg we are living in North Carolina to be next to my hubbies son and grandkids and great grandsons. To make a long story short both hubby and his son have serious heart problems and I agreed to move here so that they could spend some time together.

The last picture is of the twins the great grandsons. Now of course you realize that all these posts will be backwards. for some reason I have yet to figure out why the last picture I post ends up being the first one at the top of the page.

Today I finally got back on my treadmill for a whole twenty minutes. But heyyyy it is a start. I have eatten wayyyyy too much of my own cooking. I have always been a pumpkin pie fan and since we have lived down here" I have been told that sweet potatoe pie is much better. wellllllllll I finally made some for christmas this year and I have to admit that I am a convert. I have also eatten wayyyyyyyy too much of the candy I made for the girls at work and the grandkids here.

Normally I do a lot of sewing and quilting but lately I seem to be going through withdrawls from my sewing room. I did manage to finish another doll quilt for the baby which will go in the mail soon. Maybe I will get back into it soon. All I can think about lately is just relaxing before I have to go back to work. Well its getting late here so I had better close for now. Take care everyone untill we meet again.

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