Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!!!

I knowwww its been a hectic time of year and I should be spending more time bloging but with christmas on the horizon it seems like my time is completely taken up. I thought I would post just to let you know that I am still around and haven't deserted you completely.
This past week has been parties at work and now I have a glorious two weeks off from work which I am very excited about. I had to laugh because most of the teachers looked like they were ready to check into a funny farm so I am certain they will enjoy this time off too!
Not a lot of sewing going on lately. I did manage to sew another doll quilt for the little one and an apron. Her mother is supposed to send me a picture of her wearing the apron so when she does I will get that posted.
This is such a busy time of year. It seems like there are things going on every where you turn. I absolutely hate shopping this time of year. Every place is sooooooo crowded.
This week we had a sad note " we had to attend a funeral for my husbands oldest friend. He has been fighting cancer for the past four years and he finally gave up and is in a far better place. He was a preacher and so the funeral was a long one because of his preacher buddies but actually a very nice one. They all got up and gave a small sermon and talked about how they had met Bob and talked about his life. They had us laughing one minte and crying the next. I swore that I would not attend any more funerals as I have gone through way too many throughout the years and I would rather remember people as they were. But Hubby has not attended many and since he spent so many years in the military he has not had to go to a lot of the people he has lost touch with through the years. ANyway to make a long story short I thought he might need my support so I went.
SPeaking of my husband he is one of these people that are impossible to shop for" He goes out and buys anything he wants when he wants it. Last week he mentioned that he would like to get a brad gun and so I thought yesssssssssssss I will get that for him for christmas. wellllllllllll guess what the very next time we went to town he pulls into lowes and walks out with a brad gun!
Well I headed for sears yestarday to see if there were some new tools I could buy him but stopped off at radio shack instead. I lucked out as he loves electronic gadgets! He has one of these temperture things sitting on the table that reads the inside and outside temps and it went capoot the other day. well they had a newer model with large readouts so I bought that and then they had this new tire gadge that is not shaped like a pen but more like a computer game control and you can actually check your pressure in the dark and it also has large digital readouts. ( what can I say) when you get older these things become veryyyyyy important!
Let see what else is going on" ohhhhhhhhhh we got our kitchen island finished all except the top. We had to have that specially made to fit the island and they called yestarday and it won't be ready for another month. we had originally been told we would have it by christmas but as much as we both have to do yet to get ready for our christmas eve party that is probably a good thing.
Let me tell you" that kitchen island makes such a huge difference in our little kitchen for storage and work space. I loveeeeeeee the extra counter space it gives me. I do a lot of baking so it come's in very handy.
Untill next time" merry christmas too all!

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