Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back Again"

Well I am back again. Two posts in such a short time! Unusual for me lately. I saw a doctor because my knee kept buckling on me" and climbing stairs just about kills me. I apprently have what the call a bakers cist in the back of my knee. You don't want one! they are miserible little buggers. Anyway he has me on some pills to try and reduce the swelling so hopefully within the next couple of weeks it will improove. I swear I turned sixty and my whole body seems to be going to He--.
O.k. now for some good news! I made my granddaughter some pants with a matching tote and my daughter just emailed me a sequence of pictures when she got the package and opened it. I won't bore you by loading all of the pictures but will load one" She is just the cutesttttttttt little thing! Of course I have said that about allllll of my grandbabies! I think we are all getting such a kick out of this one because she was late and unexpected.
We just got home from an hour or so of shopping on base. The place was packed to day for some strange reason so it seemed like it took forever to pick up a few things and get home.
Tomorrow is friday!!!!!!!! I am really looking forward to getting off work and relaxing for a few days. I think that is about all there is right now so will close untill next time.

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