Saturday, January 9, 2010

Quick post

Just a quick post as I am busy baking sugar cookies and baking a new bread recipe. Just had to show you a picture of our littlest grandbaby after she received her doll quilt from granny Linda I think from the big smile on her face that she approoves".
Now for the downside" I went in and had all my bottom teeth pulled this week there were thirteen of them. I have evidently inherited a receeding gum disease. Let me tell you if there is any way you can hang on to your teeth do itttttttttt. This is absolutely miserible. This happened on wednsday and this is saturday and I still am not able to chew anything. maybe I am rushing it but I would much rather have my own teeth. The bad part is that I have to go back in the twentieth of this month and do the same thing with my uppers. I am hoping that things will get more tolerible in the next few days.
O.k. Guess i had better get back to my bread. Take care Linda

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