Thursday, June 3, 2010

Day off""""""''

Well this is has really been a short week. First of all we had monday off for memorial day and then I had to take today off for a dental appointment so tomorrow is friday already and I hardly feel as though I have worked at all".
As you know I finished one of my granddaughters quilt tops last week and this week I have one started for yet another one of my granddaughters. I am thrilled that I should have both quilts finished before I leave in next month at least the tops will be if nothing else. Its kind of fun to put them together with the kids and their mom.
We have also been doing a lot of gardening, Or maybe I should say hubby has. I weed here and there and water when I get the chance too. Now I do my share of eatting what comes out of the garden I can tell you that! And as usual you will see that the pictures are in the wrong order. darn it! I still have not figured out how to fix that problem.
I have also been hand quilting a table runner that I started some time ago and just managed to get it pulled out again. I have promised myself that even though I have purchased another quilt pattern that I will be good and not start it untill I get these projects completed.
That is about all that has been going on lately. I know you are probably beginning to think that all I do is work and sew. wellll you might just be right with a little bit of cooking thrown in there! Take care untill next time.

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