Saturday, July 2, 2011


Would you believeeeeeeeeee that I have actually taught myself to knit! Well with the generous help of all those utube vidios out there! some of the knitting sites have some great ones too! Anyway I have managed to learn to cast on and knit. Next comes the pearl stitch! They tell me that once you learn both these stitches you can do anythingggggg. I love chrochet too and have been chrocheting hats like crazzy for the grandkids. By the time I arrive there in september the snow season will be just around the corner so I know that they will come in handy. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I ordered some Harmony knitting needles. I have heard so many good things about them on the knitting forums that I have to try them.
So far I have finished a scarf welllllllllllll I still need to add the fringe but thats no biggy. and I have a couple of dishcloths going and another scarf. can you tell I am getting into this knitting thing! My poor quilting has been completely ignored this past few weeks. its a good thing I finished all the grandbaby's stuff before I got into this new hobby. In a couple of weeks we are going to start beading at the church craft group so that should also be interesting.
I was laying in bed this morning thinking about my little house and how full of stuff it is" Kerrie you poor thinggggggggggg! If anything ever happens to us you are either going to have to hold one gigantic yard sale or make several trips to the dump. I realyyyyyyyyyyy need to start going through things before I get too old to do it and get rid of some of these things. I don't know why we brought everything that we did all the way down here from Idaho. O.k.......... enough depressing thoughts!
Doug is going to make brats with beer on the grill today and I thought I would make some zuchinnie couse couse to go along with that. Its so nice to just stay home today. This past week has been soooooo hectic.
I went to craft group at the church on monday and following that a couple of the ladies and I go to the senior center to knit. well then we leave there and go store hopping and usually follow up with something to eat. welllllllll I decided to drive and I never ever have problems with my car. It still only has very few miles on it because every place I drive is mostly short distances. welllllllllllll wouldn't you know we went into big lots and came out and the car wouldn't start. so I called hubby and he came down to jump the battery. wellllllll it started but nothing ran like the lights, wipers ect. sooooooooo we jumped on the freeway and headed for ford which is not far from there. we dropped it off and they called that nite and said that the batter had a bad cell and had burned out the alternator. sooooooooo the following day we went to get it and they said they had replaced the alternator " doug asked them for the battery so that he could take it back to where he bought it and get it replaced since it was still under warrenty. the guy told him ohhhhhhh the battery was fine. so off we went and after dropping doug at home I went grocery shopping. luckily I had stopped off and had my perscriptions filled and filled the gas tank before the groceries, because on the way home the battery lite came on. once I got home doug checked it and said he would call them in the morning. well we started driving it in the next moring and doug said whatever you do" don't turn anything on. sure noooooo problem! well when we got to the corner I automatically turned the blinker on to turn. wrongggggggggggggg!!! so it kept driving but a few miles up the road it gave out so thank god for cell phones ! we called and they sent a tow truck. This battery had burned out the new alternator sooooooooooooo they took it back and put in another alternator and we took the battery back and got a new one. sooooooooo now I finally have my car back again. ya knowwww being without a car drives me nuts! Its surprising how dependent we are on our vehicles even if we don't want to go any place just knowing they are sitting there waiting for us means a lot!
O.k. other then all that excitement we have been getting some produce from the garden. a few zuchinnies , some cuke cumbers and a couple of tomatoes and peppers. yummmmmmmm
Right now I am looking out my craft room window at our hanging geranium. we have two little brown birds that have decided to build a nest in it". not sure how we are going to water it now but will have to do it very carefully. I was suprised that they would build one in a plant but they seem to be working feverishly to get it done. I am glad they picked the one in front of my window as it is very interesting to watch them. If I worked half as hard my house would be spotless! Take care untill next time.

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