Friday, March 15, 2013

Its Fridayyyyyyy yesssssssssssss!!!! Can you tell its been a longgg week! I had some medical tests done on wednsday and work was a bear all week long so everyone is thrilled that friday is here!
Not only that but my hubby finished my cutting table and I loveeeee it! Originally it was supposed to have six baskets on the front and six on the back which it does but he surprised me by adding the exrta storage on the side. you can't see it because it is behind the pegboard with all my rulers which was another thing he added. I just love this cutting table and cannot believe how much fabric it holds. I still have not finished  cleaning up my room and the baskets in the back have not yet been filled but by the time they are " my room should look half way neat for a change. I was watching a vidio on utube from the missouri quilt channel on a cute little tote bag. I need a new one for work so this might as well be my first project using my new cutting table. take care untill next time.