Saturday, March 9, 2013

Well here it is saturday again" I have been busy alll day long and right now I feel like I have been up for sixteen hours instead of only six. I started off planning to cook something great and wonderfull but was missing one or two ingredients for everything I decided to cook. soooooooo told hubby later on we would run into town and grab a bite. with all the work I have done today I deserve it. this is supposed to be my one and only day off " and all I have done so far is work. when the menue thing didn't come to gether I worked on the laundry and while I was doing that " I decided I should start working on my room while I am waiting for my new cutting table. what a messsssssssssss there is sooooooooo much stuff to go through. I finally managed to get my sewing table moved to the other side of the room which was nice because it gave me the full use of my design board which I didn't have before. Then I hauled several boxes out to the trailer that there were just no room for with the new set up. I took a break for lunch and then helped hubby to get a new light up by my sewing table. I realized no one had gotten the mail so that is what I did next. I walked down the driveway and up to the highway to get the mail. Rascal was so good" he started following me and I told him to stay and that is exactly what he did. when I got home with my hands full of mail and opened the door our other dog tripod flew out and I dropped everything and dove for his collar. here I am laying sprawled out on the front deck and hubby is snoozing in his recliner while all of this is going on. I yelled for him and he woke up and came out and I can only imagine what was going through his mind at that moment but I couldn't get up and hang onto tripod too. anyway he got the dog and I got up and although I am sore and cut my arm a bit I am fine. Its been a longggggggg day and I don't have a lot to show for it " even though I know I have accomplished quite a bit. I guess some days are like that. we are planning on going to lowes after work tomorrow to pick up what we need to put the cutting table to gether. I am hopeing that once we have it together a lot of the extra bags and boxes with material will vanish into the pull out baskets and help to clean my sewing space up just a little more. once it is all done I will post pictures . O.k. off to answer some emails" untill next time.

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