Thursday, September 12, 2013

Here it is Thursday again. not sure where the time goes but it sure does. Work has been something else this past couple of weeks. It seems we are always working one or two people short which makes a difficult job twice as hard. I was talking to one of the girls tonite and we are both looking forward to retiring this year. Its been a long haul for me and I am more then ready.
Have been working on a pink scarf to donate to a cancer group and finally finished my red one. I just need to get the camera out and take some pictures. I have several things on my bucket list that I really want to do" one of which is to make a circular needle holder. I saw one made up on a needle site and it would be so simple to make. it is essentially about 8"s wide and 25"s long. all you do is to take some cotton or canvas would work equally as well " fold it over a hanger and stitch spaces crosswise every couple of inches to hold the circular needles. when I manage to get one made I will post it so that you can see what I am talking about.
My daughter just called to tell me they bought a motor home. It sleeps six so you know its only going to get about eight miles or less to the gallon of gas but she is excited and I think they will have fun with it. things have changed so much from what they used to be when we were out running around in ours. you used to be able to park in state parks for almost nothing and now they have all kinds of charges.
I send my grandkids money for their birthday each year because its not really practical to buy things and mail them. for one thing I usually wind up paying as much in postage as I did on the gift. and then you have to worry about it getting there. so its just easier to send them money and let them get what they want too. My granddaughter bought a doll she wanted so she is a happy camper. am sitting here waiting for a picture of it in my email. Well its almost 8p.m. so I am going to close for now. will try and get some pictures taken this weekend and post again. sorry I am so bad about doing it on a regular basis. I try but I am that way with a diary or journal too that's why I never use them. I am great for a day or two and then it seems like it is a week before I remember to post again. take care until next time.

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