Sunday, September 15, 2013

Well its sunday and one of my knitting group friends asked me to post a picture of the scarf I was working on and would you believe I already forgot about it" luckily she reminded me of it a few minutes ago so I snapped a quick picture. the pink scarf will be donated to a cancer group and the shawl is the first I have ever done so this is exciting too me.

Have not done a lot more today as we went to church and from there it was grocery shopping ect. Just checked facebook and it looks like one of my granddaughters has caught the big one! you goooooo girl! This is our little wonder girl! I think shes going to be a mechanic like her daddy. she has a toolbox to make any grown man Envieous! O.k. gotta go for now take care until next time.

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Susan said...

Your scarf looks great and I love the shawl that you are working on!

There's no doubt in my mind that you could knit socks if you wanted...they aren't hard!

I tried to reply through the comment that you left on my blog, but your email is back to "no reply" again for some reason.