Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Its the middle of the week already and what in the heck happened to October. I cannot believe where the time is going. its almost like everytime I turn around another month is gone. I think I must be feeling my age.
I turned 64 last month and thought I would retire at the end of this year but may wind up just cutting my hours . Not sure I am ready to be home with hubby 24 hours a day. If we went some place and did things it might be different but he doesn't seem to have any interest in anything other then playing games on his tablet and sitting out on the porch with the dogs. I guess its a good thing we traveled some when I was younger because he sure doesn't want too now.
I ordered some of the ribbon yarn the other day and have manage to get one of them knitted. these are soooooo much fun! the yarn is a little fiddly and takes some care as you cannot wind it like you would any other yarn but the results are sooooo worth while.
I have some other colors that I am itching to try next. hubby acutally surprised me and asked me to make him a blue scarf. I have never seen him wear a scarf and he never wears sweaters (not that I have attempted them yet) but it was a nice surprise. I will get busy tomorrow as I think I just might have some blue yarn in my stash.
O.k. there is not much else going on around here so I think I will close for now. until next time go out and create something.


sunny said...

I know what you mean about hubby being home. Mine's retired and I don't think I could stay home with him 24/7! Your scarf is beautiful.

N.C.Fabric Junkie said...

the funny part is up until the last seven years or so we have spent a lot of the day together. I think as we get older sometimes we change. I had an old friend who told me men mellow as they get older. nope not this one. He is more opinionated ect. then he ever was. thanks for the compliment on my scarf. I have another on the needles already!