Friday, July 4, 2008

Baby Kaitlin Project

Boy you can sure tell I am new at this blogging bussiness. I had a post about my daughter and how she was expecting little kaitlin and she and I had decided to create a baby quilt for her together. and believe it or not I pulled up that partiqular day because I had added these cute little blinking cats to the post and they had somehow multiplied. wellllllll I deleted them and went back to look at the post and guess what? The story about how we had gotten together to create this quilt and the picture of this quilt were gone along with the cats. sooooooooooo here I am again. My daughter kerrie designed the quilt and picked out the fabrics and sent them too me since I live clear across the u.s. from her and I put them together for her. I am including a picture once again. Guess I am going to have to be more carefull about how I delete.

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Esteemarlu said...

I just totally love that quilt. I love pink and brown colors for a quilt. Since I don't have daughters nor grandaughters I've never made one,but that little quilt has inspired me to make one.