Sunday, August 3, 2008

Great Trip""""""""'

Just returned home from a three week trip with my lovely grandkids. There are four of them and boy are they cute! There is Daniel he is the oldest and already turning into a ladies man, then there is Kaylee who is going to have to beat the boys away with a stick very soon and who also loves bugs! She has this little bug house and was collecting bugs the whole time I was there. And then there is Kristina" She is the little one not only is she smart but she is the sentimental one. She also loves bugs and I have promised to send her a picture of one of our N.C. lizzards which are normally everywhere you walk. wouldn't you know that just because I promised her a picture they are all hiding from me. Then there is the newest arrival Kaitlin" She is just too cute. Can't tell much about her personality yet " other then the fact that she is beginning to be hooked on car racing with her daddy. When I arrived at the airport the kids had made a sign to welcome me and they were all holding it up for me to see"

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Georgeta Grama said...


You have a wonderful family !

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