Sunday, October 5, 2008


Do any of you have the same problem that I have with coasters? I love using them but if I make them out of material they tend to get dirty very quickly and if I put the clear plastic over the top the glasses seem to stick to the plastic. wellllllllll when I happened to be in wallmarts fabric dept. the other day " I was looking at the long rolls of plastic and fabric for making table cloths. I got too thinking (something I rarely do): and it came to me that these would make perfect coasters! So I purchase 1/4 yard which only cost me less then a dollar to try it out. I cut out squares of the tablecloth fabric , squares of the cotton fabric for the backing and quares of fleece or batting whichever you use and layed them face to face with the fleece on the bottom and stitched around them leaving a hole to turn rightside out. then I went around them once again once they were turned. These are going to work perfectly! they can simply be wiped clean ! Can you tell that it dosen't take much to excite me? (must be my age) lols

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