Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day!

Well here it is Christmas Day and before you know it we will be taking the tree down and putting everything away. I hope everyone had a great Christmas. Ours was good! And could only have been better if (you know this by nowwwwwww My grandkids were here). They have been getting tons of snow! Our weather couldn't be more different then theirs. Its warm and drizzling outside here.

My daughter sent pics of the grandkids in their outfits that grandma got them for christmas, Kristina has the monkey that I got her and Kaitlin is holding her toy and bears that I made her. Daniel of course is sporting the shirts granny got him. My daughter says he is difficult to buy for but granny has his number haaaaaaaaa And the other photos are the great grandsons that were here for christmas eve. Just a short post as I am due at the son in laws for christmas dinner so have to get ready. take care and merry christmas too everyone!


Cary said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful!

Khris said...

Let Kristina know that this Khristina loves her monkey too and if she gets tired of it, she can send it to live here in Australia..hehehe..hugs Khris