Friday, January 9, 2009

Life goes on""""

Well the hollidays are over with and life goes on. Took hubby into Greenville yestarday to see a cardiologist. They are going to do a catherization on him to see if he needs another stent. There is never a dull moment around our house. I get soooooooooo tirid of worrying about one person or another. I wish that life could just go along at an even keel with no worries. But I guess that is just not too be. That being said I am glad he is getting this proceedure done because the pain is comming from some where and with his heart history the chances are that there is a reason for it. Will just have to leave it in Gods capable hands and hope for the best.

My daughter lives in Spokane and they have had sooooooooooo much snow! It has all started to melt now and freeze. That is going to be a real problem there for some time I am afraid". They are not used to getting that much snow and there have been bussinesses collapsing due to the weight of the snow.

I am still working on all my crafts inbetween working and doctor visits. hopefully I will be able to post a few soon. My problem is that there are just wayyyyyyyy too many things that I want to accomplish. I try to work on smaller projects as I haven't been able to handle the larger ones for some time now. I love making wall quilts, and have recently gotten into minnie quilts. Helps to keep my mind and body busy. Have recently aquired some cute little bag patterns that I would like to complete " also some scissor holders and needle keepers. Do any of you get addicted to going from blogg to blogg? I have gotten so addicted to looking at different projects. I loveeeeeee these bloggs! Especially all the great tutorials. The only downside is that I seem to spend more time looking then actually completeing! wellllllll will close for now and hopefully be back soon with some good news. "

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Linda said...

Keeping your hubby & you in my thoughts & prayers!