Saturday, February 7, 2009

Another thing I have recently gotten back into and haven't done for yearssssssss is hand embroidery" yeah you heard it right! Can you beleive I have two perfectly good embroidery machines sitting here and I am resorting to handdddddd embroidery" Well blame it on the bloggs. In my surfing of the bloggs I have run into sooooooooo many adorable primative type embroidery designs and there is just something so sweet about them. It brings me back to my childhood and watching my mother embroider by hand. I had a hope chest with lots and lots of pillowcases that had been embroidered by hand which I gave to my sweet daughter. She of course also owns and embroidery machine. Anyway I really am enjoying this so may just have to keep it up. I found this adorable love pattern on one of those bloggs. I knowwwwww I forgot to write down the name of it but if you go to Happy zombi blogg I believe there is a link to it there or on one of her bloggers. sorry I really should be more organized but organization skills seem to illude me no matter how hard I try. lols ohhhhhhhhhhhh I think it may have been bunny hills blogg but not entirely sure. Its worth checking out anyway. Wellllllll I am off to create some more. take care and have a great day!

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