Sunday, February 15, 2009


Well here it is sunday and I am being lazy sitting around in my pj's. I have been on the computer for most of the morning and I did manage to make up some of the raggedy coasters that I found the pattern for the other day.

They aren't quite as raggady as they should be but the four inch heart that they call for is a bit too large. Next time I make some I will use a little bit smaller heart so that I have a deeper fringe in the end. All in All they are very simple and fun to make. I think they would make great christmas gifts with christmas fabrics or neat valentine gifts if I had seen them in time to make them. (story of my life). I am trying to decide what to do next on my list. I have so many unfinished projects laying around. I have several of the pirmitive emb. designs printed out and ready to add to fabric. I found that I had a embroidery transfer book from several years ago that I had bought at a dimestore and it has lots of very cute emb. patterns. Speaking of primitive I received an email today from someone that thought I was demeaning hand emb as some kind of old persons art by calling the designs primitive. Believe me that couldn't be farther from the truth. I am oldddddddddddd myself! The big 60 is justttttttttttt around the corner. What I mean by primitive is the type of designs. They are very plain primitive in style. So lets not let this get out of hand folks. I am about as primitive as they get".

Joanns has a free bag pattern that is made up of double quilted fabric and is veryyyyyy cute! I am thinking about making one up. First of all I will have to get back to town and see if I can find some material that I like. I do have a piece I bought just recently but it is black and if I make one I would like to take it with me to Spokane when I go in July. Somehow the old standards are still whispering in my ear that you don't wear black in the spring or summer . Funny how those things stick with us. Do any of you remember hearing your mother say make sure your underware is clean in case you get into an accident and they have to take you to the hospital. Tell meeeeeeeeee where did that ever come from? Was my mother the only one that ever did that! Like anyone is going to be worrying about their underware if they are in an ambulence on the way to the hospital. Darnnnnnnnnn it! those of you who heard this growing up are just like me" and that will be the first thing that comes to mind once you are conscience again (is my underware in good condition?) O.k. my mind is really wandering now so I think that I had better go find something productive to do. take care and I hope that I have in some small way given you something to think about. Hee hee


creativedawn said...

Mine too! and now I tell my hubby...don't wear those raggedy and ratty underwear outa of here!!!! lol....thought I was the only one left on earth still saying that.....gotta remember to tell the kids...I've just simply been culling the oldies out of their stash! lol, lol, romcl!

Hanswife said...

Love your mother said that too but telling you as a former ER nurse I never even noticed most peoples underware.