Saturday, February 7, 2009

Its Saturdayyyyyyy!!!

I absolutely loveeeeeeee saturdays! It is the one day that I am reasonably sure that I will be home sewing and playing on the computer. The reason for this is saturday is my laundry day so no running around yessssssssssssss Boy am I getting oldddddddddd or what! Can't believe I just said that! Anyway We had thursday off at work because it snowed. Can you believe it? Being a northerner I am not use to these north carolinians closing everything down for a couple of inches of snow. lols Anyway I am not complaining as I managed to get some sewing done. Both then and today. Have you heard of the pennie pockets yet? They were designed by The happy zombie blogg and they are soooooooo cute. we used to call them may baskets I think" when we were kids. you make these cute little pockets and you put something in them" candy, flowers, ect. and you hang them on someones doorknob. I managed to finish several of them. I need to get some little heart chochoaltes to put inside of one of these for my secret pal at work.

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