Saturday, March 14, 2009


This is normally my laundry day but I woke up thinking potato soup because the weather is very drizzly today. Welllllllll wouldn't you know it" no potatoes in the house sooooooooo we made a trip to the store. a hundred and something later we are on our way home again. Have you ever noticed that whenever you walk into wallmart you always spend around a hundred dollars? or is it just us? Anyway hubby decided he would make some of his clamchowder with potatoes. I knowwwwww I should have taken a picture of it. take my word " It was awsomeeeee! Then I retirid to my sewing room and started a little wristlet bag that I had found on one of my bloggs that I like to visit It was sooooooo simple " I love this pattern. picture included. Would you believe that I just now noticed that I forgot to add the little wrist strap". Oh wellllll this was just a practice run anyway.
I also read a post on one of my quilting sites that someone had taken your local little black bag that you buy at wallyworld for .99cents to carry your groceries in and she had added a piece of fabric on the front to cover up thier logo so that she could use it anywhere she shopped and personalize it so that it didn't look like everyone elses. I thought hmmmmm I can do that! So you guessed it" I also bought one of those on our wallmart trip this morning. Here is the picture of how that came out.
And last but not least I baked a loaf of bread from a recipe I found on the net. The only drawback is that they tell you to leave it over nite as the taste is much better. well we did and hubby says it is great! I of course have yet to eat any as I had to save all my energy for the soup. This bread recipe called for raisins and since hubby isen't the least bit fond of raisins I decided to use some chocholate raspberry chips that I had on hand. O.k. I guess that is about all I have been up to lately. still working on another bag and waiting for the mail to come so that I can get started on the one I posted about the summer bag. right now I have cut out fabric for the miranda bag. Hubby says that is just what I need is another bag! Take care

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