Wednesday, March 11, 2009

whacky wednsday!!!!!!!!!!!

This is whacky wednsday! That is what they call it at school. The teachers all dress up in whacky clothing . pj's tops turned backwards. pants inside out" the kids just love it! Wish I had thought and would have taken my camera. maybe next time"
I convinced hubby that I needed to run to the fabric store yestarday to look for some summery type fabric for a bag I want to make to take with me when I fly back to Spokane this summer. Have any of you ever taken your hubbies inside a fabric store with you? welllllll let me tell you it can be quite the experience. Hubby kept following me around and asking me what I was looking for? well when I explained what I wanted he started pointing out this fabric and that fabric. I told him I will know it when I see it as it will hollar at me and sayyyyyyy take me home" He said will I be able to hear it hollar in case you don't? I cracked up! Mennnnnn ya gotta love em!
Anyway I did find the perfect flip flop material and a poka dot to go with it. I also wanted some yellow fabric for my pockets but got sidetracked getting a zipper and it completley slipped my mind. We finished shopping and then I took him out to Logans a local restaurant to eat. This place is so goodddddd It has the best food and atmosphere. They have a small metal bucket of peanuts on every table and you eat the peanuts while you are waiting for your order and throw the shells on the floor. they have a great fireplace in the middle of the room and they have windows surrounding the kitchen so that you can watch the chef cook your steaks. They also have yeast rolls made with honey that are to die for! I have decided that I need to get to the store and buy some yeast and some honey and make some myself. After that we returned home and I got a good start on my bag. everything is cut out but we have no joanns here and I need steam a seam 2 so have contacted my daughter to send me some. she is such a sweety!
Lets seeeeeeeeeeee what else have I been up too" ohhhhhhhhhh I have started a new quilt for my grandson Donald. The one I made for him years ago has apparently seen better days so I have started a square in a square quilt or at least I think that is what it is called. I will add a picture of some of the blocks. of course you know that when I add them they will go above the other picture. I hate that part of writting these bloggs. I wish they would go where they are supposed too.
O.k. wellllllll I am off again " will try and return soon. take care

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