Sunday, April 19, 2009

oops I thought I had copied the friends swap

I have signed up for a swap and wanted to post it too my blogg so all of you who were interested could also sign up but for some reason when I copied it the whole thing did not come with if you are interested look up Sew Prim Kris blogg" It is called a friendship swap and you come up with something for every letter of the word to send to your partner. It sounds like it will be fun! I have signed up and will have to make sure that I get shopping completed early because it is sent off in july and that is the month I will be in SPokane visiting with my little grandkids.
I have not been up to a lot of quilting lately. My grandsons quilt is up on my design board and is growing very slowly. I have been very busy out in the yard helping hubby get all the planting beds redone and putting in the vegitable gardens. Lucky for me" I just finished a weeks vacation so it was good that I was here to help him.
I love this time of year in N.C. it is nice outside, not too hot and all of the bugs are not out yet.
I have managed to get some baking done. I made several dozen honey butter rolls and froze them . then I made three loaves of bananna bread and frose two of those. So I haven't been idle by any means.
I have also managed to start a journal and sooooooooo far have stuck too it! I have started them in the past and somehow always gotten sidetracked but they really are sooooooo handy to look back on and see what happened when so I really am going to try and stick with it this time.
O.k. will sign off for now and hopefully next time I will have something to show.

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